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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Get-up and stand for the upright game

Sometimes it sucks to see that some men still have not got grasp of what women are constantly fighting for.It is called "equal rights".So will you stop treating Mick different from the way you want to treat that new bird you fancy?ahahahahaha,watchout buddies.I think everyone does really.Give your bird a pad on the back and cuddle up.However,yeah,I have returned from town after i happened to meet a guy in the buss telling a friend how he was going to work and save his two weeks savings to invite the girl he meet last week for a meal.This has been introduced to him by his cousin.Good,we all know he does not want to be lonely and is working hard to starve himself for weeks because he is preparing to go out for a meal with "this girl".
Let get down to business.I am quite sure you may have heard or learnt in the course of life that;if a woman licks her lips when you are chatting to her it means she is interested,laughs alot and as well as hit you jokishly on the back or arm,Strikes her hair while making eye contact from time to time means she is into you.Excellent,I am going to show you guys some crazy formular.I am sure to show you not only know how to recognise that she is really into you but also how to make her to be into you.This is where I am doubtful not about my wisdom.Stay connected on my sixth blog.
Everyman needs to embrace dating as a kind of knockout game where the loser is kicked to the curb. Believe it or not. In the mind of a woman, dating remains a game and many a times not a game of chance but a game of perfection. When women sit down with their female friends, they talk about men picking on them and not knowing what to say or from where to begin. However, when you go out in towns to nightclubs, you’ll always find and meet women in groups and 95% will be dressed to kill. Have you ever taken the time to think why they dress so exotically and sexily when they go out to nightclub? Yet it simply kills your spirits when she puts on diamonds all over her fingers.ahahahhahahaha.Let me ask you one thing guys;how many girls have you cuddled and felt a great smell evaporating from her body?What do you think about a bird that cuddles or sn*g you and feel that very kind of sweet scent?Get up

Understanding the female body language becomes very easy when you have cleared off from your mind,the fear of talking to “look-like” very rich and most beautiful girls.They are the same persons like you but in a different “face”.It is certain that,a woman would see a man she would have love to be “if” he was right for her.

You know sometimes,you are going the street,and the bird on the other side of the road snaps-an-eye-look and put down her head,(talk to her and make her laugh),

You are going to the super market to pick up your 12MP digital camcorder for your movies meant for youtube and the bird already going out looks at you and smile and as well as plays with her hair(walk over to her and simply just say;hello

You and your mates are about going into the night club and this sensual,exotic and perfect figure,waddles her ass to you guys and ask for a cigarret lighter,ahahahahah,what else do you want.Make fun of her and crack her up immediately.

When it comes to meeting women,I am quite sure that every single man will want to find and have a bird that looks pretty in their very own eyes and taste.Yeah,many guys tend to try new pick up lines with the intention of sounding different from the rest of the 200,000,000jerks around the community saying one and the same things that often makes no meaning to a woman and in a dating arena.I tell you what;most women are interested in a guy that can sweep their feet off the ground in a charming public place while the others can watch.More about what to say…………………… time.see you guys




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