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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Are you shy of talking to girls?

Get over your shyness
I have been thinking it was better we help some guys our there who faces this fear of approaching women and getting DATE.However,i do not care if you are short,fat,tall,slim,white,black,or yellow.Just do what i am going to tell you here and see for your self what comes after that.Women do not like guys that suffer from insecurity.You must be able to stand up to some great fun and know to enjoy yourself.Never forget that women are very good at body language and as such they are capable of using a special radar to determine who you are before you ever even open your mouth.
Right back to business.Next time when you find a pretty bird that you fancy,walked up to her and say this;
Hey excuse me,I want to ask you a question.I have always been a shy guy but i need a females perspective to this issue.What does it take for a woman to start to feel attraction towards a guy?Do you prefer a guy that buys for you everything you ever wanted,a guy that kisses up to everything you say and want or a guy that is funny,self confident,teases you and make you laugh and keeps you guessing on what is going is going come next?
This alone will make most woman to laugh and willing to give an answer to your worries and there and then you will be able to know what is required of you.
The next one is;
Excuse me,I want to ask you a question about something I and my friend has been disagreeing upon.This one is good when you want to collect her numbers and contact.Right here we go.My friend thinks that the best way to connect to a lady you fancy is by collecting their telephone but i am thinking that since almost every guy goes for a number I would rather be different from the rest of the guys and rather demand but for her pager or email and my friend denies that approach.What do you think
Right the truth is that you have created a topic that is so diverse and gives room for a very long chat with her.Remember that being a good listen is key because you need to follow up with questions to what ever she says.These are never direct questions take note.You have to crack her up most of the times which means making her to laugh with most of your responses to her.And if she seem to be too interested,you simply just tell her,
Hey it was nice talking to you and i have got to go, turn and start to walk off.Make 2-4steps and turn back look straight into her eyes and say;Yeah it was nice talking to you,we'd better hook up sometime in the future and have some more interesting conversations or what ever.You are saying this and walking towards her.As you approach her,slide your hand into your pocket and take out your diary and a pen quietly and simply tell her to write down her email so that you guys can keep in touch.As she starts to write,then you simply follow up with and do not forget to include your number.I mean the one you respond to at all times.Very easy,or what do you think

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dating tutorial:simple mistakes men make during dating

It sucks when you go to the club and hear men approach women for the first time and just tell them "you are so beautiful" lol.Yes she is so beautiful and so what? Sometimes will successfully start up a charming conversation and eventually he is lost and not know what to say because of he is afraid if not scared of rejection.Rejection is part of the life we live.
"The best and simple way is to approach a bird that fancy and say,hey you look quite creative and then you purse while waiting for her to involve her self with a "oh thank you",then you follow it,"I noticed you quite a distance from that outfit and give her another chance to come closer to the net to the net with a great smile and say something like "oh really" then if it is me I will fire back for a kill with something like" oh yeah,really looks an antique from the your great,great,great grand ma,really exotic in design and a perfect outfit",i tell you what,she will crack up while getting ready more.But more is not going to come as expects,because you gotta know her and give her the chance to know you as well.




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