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Saturday, March 31, 2007



When a man meets a woman he will like to know and to create and find a relationship, or a one night stand, you need to have a goal to make her feel and become personally involved so you can have her details. The whole basis of your relationship depends on you showing interest by asking meaningful questions that shows you will like to meet her again in the very near by future to know more about her. You must make it a priority to have her basic information. Be magic and her fun.

When you have introduced yourself to her, ask her name immediately and make sure you use her name time and time again when addressing her. Look for a common factor to relate to her, it could be a drink, piece of music, car, hobby, house décor, cloths, etc. The more attentive you are to a woman, the more she will like you. So, get her to relate and give her a good reason to trust you. Never forget that a sizzling and charming smile remains a great weapon to woo women. Always make sure, you blink one of your eyelids when sweet-talking to her for at least 3seconds and not more than 5seconds.

Before you conclude the conversation which may not last for more than five minutes, you must make sure there is available a means to get to reach to her at your spare time. This usually means getting her phone and email. In the world of today, almost everyone has at least an email account. Do not be afraid to find out if she is single and if she will be willing to hang out with you at your spare time. Be conscious of the tune of your language and body expressions. This is how to recognise and determine a woman’s body expressions;


Use eyes contact regularly when talking to women especially when you are saying something like, “I like you or fancy your dress, got a nice pair of shoe etc”. This will help to imprint your face in her mind and she will be feeling familiar and at ease. Your eyes are a woman’s focal point in deciding, so you it is you to decide what message you want women to project about you when you meet someone you fancy. Give a cheeky wink to the bird if she is gazing much into your eyes. Women use eyes as a main point of attention when flirting. Note that; dating is a game of flirting and seduction. If a woman plays with her hair while talking to you, it means, she is signalling that she is interested in you. Is this flirting or not? Dating is Very simple and easy stuff to follow and achieve your goals, okay. You cannot eat your cake and have it. It is a crime against nature to be without a woman and a crime against your own life and vice versa. Thank you.

If a woman sways her hips (makandi) while walking, it means that she is alerting of sexual availability.

If a woman makes faces with you, I mean winking and maintaining eye contact 2-3times;it means she wants you to approach her and start up a non-sexual conversation but let her know you are interested in meeting her again in the nearby future.


When a woman positioned her self-standing and ready to be approached, she will often stand with her legs slightly apart. Her arms could be at her back or by her side, on her pockets, on her hips or one hand holding a drink of any kind. She will look cool and calm, moving with calculated steps and feeling good about her self. Simply walk up her and strike up a conversation of any kind.

When a woman sits and crosses her legs, it is likely obvious that, a woman with dirty under wear will not do that. Therefore, she is saying that, “I am clean, sexy, nice skin, come over and talk to me”. Women cross their legs to be sexy, to show off her thigh is directly sending a message for an invitation. If she is leaning forward and or holding her knee, if she turns her body towards you when in a group, especially when you start to talk, it means she is interested in knowing more about you.

Here are common obvious flirting behaviours from women, that even you are not good at reading body language, you cannot go wrong if you notice some of these samples below.

She may look at you and send eyes crashing to the ground, or look at you and tilt her head one sided. It simplifies submission.

She may play with her hair, running her fingers through the hair and sending it backward. She may also straighten her cloths, wipe her shoe and rearrange the waist of her cloths. Rub her hand on her very own leg; touch her eyebrows, jewellery on the neck or ear etc.

These gestures indicate a desire to look attractive and to seduce. Women keep on communicating to men using various forms, but about 94% of men seem to have not a clue. Learn to observe and predict women at the time when you are talking to them to determine if they are in your game or not and hopefully, this book will help to identity and build up that missing part of your life. This is what I mean buddy;

Body language is all about non-verbal communication but behaviour that thrills. I think deaf people ought to be best in this field I guess. When you are about to walk up to a woman, what happens is, she simply judges your body expression and decide if she is going to like to you. If positive, then she is ready to listen and maybe take it forward or she will simply drop it like a tray of egg. To succeed in dating, I am placing emphasis in communication on the role of body language. When a woman is interested in knowing you further, she will unconsciously do some gestures with you and if you cannot understand, bang, bang, asshole, bye. So it is very vital to pay attention to women body language at all the time. You know it is quite palpable telling everything with words. So women exploit body language and launch such codes that many men seem to be clueless. I am going to help you with decoding future situations so that you never muck up again. Decoding now begins:


This is a sexual behaviour or sign. A lot of them systematically pet a glass in order to call your attention and many do deliberately. When you enter a bar, club and sees a blossoming bird touching and caressing her vodka or whatever it could be in the glass, do not think that she is expressing and/or enjoying her musicality. Instead of asking questions that maybe be seen as stupid, notice the way she is “playing her musical instrument”. Caressing-glass, elegant is a sign of intrinsic calmness, self-control and waiting. Simply sit by her and tease. Never mind, she could be with a boyfriend, she will warn you immediately. No qualms. So take a lead and be a good decision maker.


A mature woman considers cleanliness as a very vital part of her day-to-day life. Clean and neat hair is as important to a woman as acceptable height, wide shoulders and biceps for a man. A lady that grooms her hair with high care is expressing that she is full of energy and feeling like doing some family-friendly thing. If you meet a woman and happens to notice that, she has groomed her hair, 2-3times,it means she love being conquered. Try to pick clues on how and from where she grooms the hair and you will notice her temperaments. If she is doing it slowly, it means she is a cunning expert in the art of love. Quick and nervy movements disclose signs of impatience or embarrassment.


It is being anticipated that when a woman wets her lips and blink her eyes very often, it is an absolute sign of sexual communication. The message here is that; she will not mind anything between her lips, I guess we all know it. Take note, when she lashes her eye lash very often, there the message is; “I do not mind taking control and making jokes, smiling wildly and telling funny stories myself”.


Having gauged a woman’s face and body, it is appropriate and normal to watch her hands and head movement. Painted and well-groomed fingers and a well-groomed hairstyle are significant erotic signs. Sometimes she will be staring at her hands, which is signalling that, something is angering her and that she is not comfortable and maybe could be with you as well. If she beats the rhythm of the table, it means still the same as above. She is probably looking for the best way to get rid of you. Get rid of her instead and move-on.

Now that I have shown you how to recognise non-verbal female communication to approach and trigger their inner bellies, I would expect you to attend our online course for more inside strategies. To this, I am not bothered to take you behind the scene for a simple but technical way, which will take you hundreds if not millions of miles ahead of many of your friends and colleagues.

Humour is the greatest weapon that sends a “cool” message to a woman’s mind. If you can make a woman to laugh and have those great good feelings flowing throw her body, she will obviously like to know more and more about you and probably to meet you for whatever. If you are funny, cocky and unpredictable, you will probably have any woman you want in this world. However, getting women is not only humour. The way you smell and dress, body posture does have something to do as well. But, I tell you what, damn, no matter how you look, how rich you are, how handsome or ugly, you are five feet or seven feet tall, if you are self confident and humoured and can make a woman to laugh consistently, women will be kissing up to your “ass” all the time, wherever you maybe. Laughter boosts up the immune systems and the subconscious mind like some sort of electricity. Play eye tag with the bird you fancy, hold eye contact for 3seconds,and then look away before glancing back with a light-friendly smile. If she responds, then she will sure build up chemistry before you make a move to speak to her.



Cuddles, kissing and romance are never taken into account by many men as a real weapon to woo women. Women consider and look at a kiss as another way of showing and making love. Cuddling a woman sends messages into her brain like a beam of light. Her subconscious mind will then accepts the message, and transmit it to her Brain, body and soul and the tension is immediately heightened and ready. Kissing and cuddling is the only secret to get physical, which makes a woman very vulnerable and more responsive to sex. It also takes you to another scene to appreciate her scent, smell, taste and feel. Their body knows what you are doing and it is very common with women that do enjoy great sex. This feeling then makes her to want to have sex with you. Knowing when to do all these things and when not to, then become very important. You do not like to be kicked to the kerb, yes, and you probably will not be comfortable if you attempt to kiss her and she snubs or turns off her head. To get to this level, be attentive and vigilant.

When chatting to a woman that you fancy, be watchful and vigilant towards her body language. Listen to her voice tune and determine either to continue or not. Remember, if a woman is not laughing or smiling with you, then your chances of success are 0%. To help this, imitate her style of communication and this will make her see something common about the two of you. Speak slowly, sexily, and soft. However, if she is hilarious with you, keep it up and make a lot of jokes to make her laugh but on different occasions and not one after the other. Keep a close record of her vocabulary, as it sometimes describes the things she may like, and try to make sure you apply her vocabulary within your own sentences. Her subconscious mind will immediately trigger her “senses of similarity” and she will be feeling that, there is actually something common between the two of you. What I am saying here is that, you should create a connection for a woman to feel connected to you at all time. Always avoid disagreeing with a woman at the start of a relationship. When a woman is feeling close and connected, she starts to feel to want to trust you and be more willing to say “yes” to you whenever you ask her out or for her contact details. You need to know and build up a few skills on how to make a woman feel connected and how to create chemistry. Keep in mind, you have nothing to loose at all, even when she is not interested in you. The fact is, you most let a woman you are interested in know that, you are interested in knowing her further. You can do this by constant eye-to-eye contact with her,(3-5seconds maximum) giving her a nod, a smile and if she responding to either of this, it means she is ready to talk to you. This is known as non-verbal communication. Move up to her at once without hesitation to start up a verbal communication now. Do not move away your eye contact until she does so, as you walk up to her. Walking up to her confidently portrays that you are a self-assured gentleman and all you need is to say something to make her laugh or smile and break the ice. She will show approval by likely smiling back, wink an eye, raise her eyes brows or tilt her hair. For her to recognise your own chemistry, is when you have received acknowledgement from her and starts behaving subconsciously and making subtle body movements. At this point, you the man concern, you may not even be aware of your actions but the women will likely notice it. This behaviour is usually a sign of anxiety to meet her and talk her home if need be. Women find it very attractive when they notice you feeling for them and a sign that you are interested in knowing her. The best of all is when they are being swept away unexpectedly.

Women gauge their relationships on how well they relate to the man concern. There most be some sort of emotional involvement to make a woman feel related and closer to you. A woman is very concern about how you make her to feel towards you and interacting with her. Let her to know the basics of what you like and dislike, ask her questions and answer her questions as well. Let her know how much you know about women and tell her what makes you different from the others in a sexy posh tune. Offer personal opinions and this will make her to feel closer to you and she will move to a more personal conversation. Ask her how she feels s about her work, or if in a gym, talk about gym, you may say, how much you admire her for taking good care of her body. Tie in your feelings to any facts she may bring forth. Remember that, to see her again all rely on you, making her to feel very comfortable and trust towards you and showing emotions, you therefore must tease and make her laugh and feel valued and respected. The main goal of a conversation is to get her details and trigger attraction. You will find icebreakers ready to use at any occasion as you proceed. We call ‘em “pick-up lines”.



Most men fail to realise that, if a woman is treated accordingly, really treated correctly, her love knows no boundaries. When a woman loves, it becomes very deep in her heart and mind, deeper than anything you could ever think or imagine of. Your woman must be hinted to know and consequently feel that “she is queen not only when she is below 40yrs and on the bed only. As you are in position needing my intervention to get you out from this “shit”, the vicious cycle of subconscious mind failure to achieve real love and a sound relation, I am going to show you how to engage your woman’s, body, soul and mind. This is how it works;

While holding her hands and gazing straight into her eyes, cuddling her and sweet talking, being funny and cocky in a nice and not arrogant way, is virtually what more women often want, a passionate man able to encounter her subconscious minds with fiery passion and humour. You have to be a man at all times, be in control in a nice way, be fun to be with and most of all, be a kind of “magic”. A woman will be charmed when you say and do things to her, her dreams has not revealed to her yet. So the main magic comes in when the man stops talking and takes action, so start on your way to action now. Take it physical rather verbal, women have sexual desires that most be satisfied. This is nothing from a man that will be there when she needs him.

A woman wants a man to listen, appreciate and inspire her fiery little world. She wants a man that will be able to take away all her distractions and communicate fluently, verbally and physically. A man with a personality of undivided attention, one that knows what life is all about and can contribute successfully. Not a man that will finish her sentences for her cut her off, shout over her. I tell you what; she wants someone that will sit next to her, able to listen and contribute in turns. Not a man that all the times tries to infringe her rights to talk and decision sharing. So good communication is key to a long lasting relation. A relationship is about creating a bond that will allow the exchange of ideas, information and bits and pieces of individuals’ life, with the aim of dropping down trivial issues and looking at the challenges ahead with a sense and feeling of oneness. Women fancy a man that is at the top at his game, be it, running an office, cooking beans, fathering kids or taking care of a real woman. “Every woman longs to hold a man in her arms as he gazes up at her. Be it for what reason, every woman wants to be looked-up by her man who affirms with actions that she is all to him, the world at large. “Love comes from mutual understanding and respect”. Your woman wants you to show real love by helping her to free from society’s bondage. She wants you to know that, what ever happens to you has a direct effect on her and as such she can always stand in the rain for you. Nevertheless, if you do not understand how to help, listen, alleviate some of the stress surrounding her, your sex life will be in chaos.

Some relationships suffer because the woman has misunderstood and or misinterpreted the man far too long. This is because many of you are unaware of the body language you pose. Many times we men say things meaning different in our own minds, but in dating language, a woman looks at you as being aggressive and ignorant and she cannot stand to tell you all these things. A woman wants a man that will stand by her no matter what happens not a man that is clingy and always suspicious. Trust your woman and do not nag her. She will learn from you to hold trust sacred.

Tease her, and then please her at the same time. Nothing pleases a woman more a man who is good tease. Women like inconspicuous display of affection from a man that is game for a chase. She wants her man not be scared to keep a romantic note, gaze into her eyes, cuddle her and even snug her when she wants it without her saying a word. Women love men who can work on their sex appeal and have intelligent- funny and cocky conversation with them the next minute while keeping his masculinity in tact. This will carry away the woman’s mind and later on body and soul. Women love it when you do little for them like making coffee in the morning, greeting her by the door and allowing her the opportunity to take charge and as well as her own space at times. Women become helpless and seriously turned on when they know that their man is faithful, loyal, one who can be in a room with 70 other women and will only focus his attention on her. It is simple; she wants you to be the centre of her attention and compatible contributor to the drama. This is why I am continually saying; we have got to be conscious of the body language we pose. Work on it to give it a boast and firm.

Many men do not know how to make sex on the bed, know where the G-spot is situated, know how to treat a woman on the bed, 2 seconds sex, not aware of the importance of foreplay, etc. This will trigger her feelings towards you immediately and that, you are confident talking about sexual relations, as it is a good thing. This wills possibly transition into the operations chambers more naturally and friendly. However, be very cautious of sexual harassments, as some of them are freaks in many ways.

Many women suffer from lack of self-confidence no matter the degree. They worry about their hair, dressing, size, weight, and imperfection, shape and in fact everything. When a lot of these beautiful women stay for weeks, months and years without the right person approaching them, they panic and feel like, they are not beautiful enough, sexy, pretty and so on. This is part of their life style from creation. Therefore, you have to give her assurances every now and then but not in a monotonous way.

Beautiful women become very worried when they get into the bedroom, because they do not just want a “pussy thief” Reassure her, you are sleeping with her because you want her. Believe me, after sex, she will start to feel very close and attracted to being with you for more and more and for more and more sex. This, to her is no contract but an obligation and a way of true life if you are living together. She does not want you to leave or date another woman and she wants you to treat her all the time like the first day of contact. Treat her with fairness and care. Be a good listener and have enough time to spend with her and not with your family or friends. If you are not ready for this, PLEASE, do not use my wisdom to break their feelings and hearts. Let her know, you will enjoy going to places together in the future, trying new things and of course do not talk about marriage even if she does. You are not obliged to give an answer to every question she may ask. Do not be submissive at anytime at all. Never be arrogant as well, because women are always very suspicious of men unless you prove your self to be different from others. So if you cannot say something nice, I think, you had better be mute, so that she can drop you from her list as soon as possible. Treat her, as you will like to see others treat you. Be human, honest, charming and sweet-talking, caring and loving. Let her know, you enjoy talking to her and that you will like to enjoy more time with her. People have a tendency to blow off others who approach them seeking what is known as rapport. When you approach in a neutral and friendly way like this, they can’t figure out what’s going on, so what will happen is that, she will stick around until she can determine what is taking place. Before she can actually make out, it’s too late, you are already in, and have delivered you’re your game and Hooked her before she ever knows what wisdom heated her.



The “game” of dating and seduction.

I feel very confident that many of you may have heard of the proverb “smooth runs the water where the brook is deep”. Fair enough, that’s what women want from you. Stop being predictable, stalker and surprise the woman you fancy. However, the secret here is that, women like to be flattered. They know that you are flattering and it is what they want. Surprise them with romance. Tell them, they look exotic, glamorous and sexy eyed etc; say, you can’t stop gazing into her eyes with a seductive smile and tune. You can also be lyrical, recall a great piece of love lyrics as a reference. Take a quick notice of all that she wears and use either of them to tease her in a playful manner. Tell her she has a wonderful blouse, trouser, coat. Then, support it with a simple question, like; what is it made from? When she tells you, then say, really, and send your hand to touch and feel the texture of the material. When you have felt it, say, it looks good like it could be a good referee under your pillows like a referee in a football match (remember, after ejaculation, she has to tidy up, so the referee under the pillow refers to that rag you keep under the pillow for cleaning-up, ahahahahahhaah). However, the most important thing is good timing. You need to know when to say what and when not to. Don’t worry buddy, I have revealed it.

This book will serve as a reference of your lifetime to charm almost any woman of your choice. Remember, “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits” The way, you seduce a woman depends on what you want. It is equally the same like women seducing idols like Mick Tyson, David Beckham, Will Smith, etc. Therefore, you need to put down a drawing with illustrations and targets of women. The type and how you are going to approach individual situation. “Failing to prepare is preparing is fail” Please do not put your self in this situation. Obviously, we all want a beautiful woman in our lives. Believe me bud no woman is ugly. “Beauty lies on the eye of the beholder”. Figure out what kind of woman you are looking for and use this book to draw your personal plan, from seeing her until her blouse is a referee in your house/flat or wherever. DO NOT FORGET THAT THERE IS AN ONLINE COURSE. If a woman responds to your flirting then she will respond to your sexual demands. When she starts to respond, you begin to treat/talk her the same like when you and your mates used to hang in the parks at the ages of 3-5.Laugh, tell stories and play with each other. Put this in your mind, 75% of women are desperate for sex-eat-up, sex-eat-up, sex-eat-up, and sex. Nevertheless, I tell you what, not with any man except they go drunk. If you are a good player, after you have finished recording these words of wisdom of the Lord dating consultant, Stanley Mathew into your brains, I will presume that, you will be in need of a “private Urologist consultant”. Let her know you are comfortable in your own body and by behaving and talking to her.

Women hate being considered cheap cargo. They cannot just give in that cheap, even if they want you desperately. So don’t give-up and don’t stalk her. They need more attention, more lead-time. Do not tell her directly” I want you to be my friend, I love you, I like you etc because you will embarrass her”. Instead, give her hints, be unpredictable and a real monkey to be with. Build anticipation and hint her, you intend to take the relation forward. Then start showing her, attention by feeling and behaving very close and related to her. Never ask a woman for a kiss or hug, you want to kiss, ”kiss”, you want to hug, ”hug”. This has to be like some sort of drama. Put this in ya mind bud, “you are talking to a woman and making her laugh, she is hanging there with you and friends or whatever, when you let her know, you think she can be prettier and attractive, then move immediately closer to her toe2toe, gazing into her eyes and imagining how you could hold her dieing on your arms and watch at what she is going to do. Very amazing, ahahahahhaha” Be very confident about your body at all the time, because women are aware, your prick could be very sensitive when facing a hole it want desperately or for fun. If it happens, she will know, therefore you must turn it to a joke immediately. She will either want to cuddle, hug or kiss you. Buddy, say to her, ohhhhhhhhh noooo, pretty angel, not so soon. Look and read at the look on her face, “oh no, he can’t just say this to me”. While you maintain eye contact, take her into your body and arms, without waste of time and run the tips of your fingers of the right hand, from her neck down to her waste for about 5seconds,then remove her from your body and maintain holding her both arms and appreciating her for smelling just amazing. Accuse her for having hugged you a lot and that because she sent her hands round you, look at your self and say; you have become very small and as such she is gotta cook some food for you or simply take it any direction of your choice. You will be amazed and stoned at how she will behave. Most of her seductive language most be returned to her.

This form of drama is leading to romantic physical interaction and attraction. It is clear, if a woman feels nothing from you, she will not waste her time talking and laughing with you, understood dude? Always remember that, women enjoy being flattered. When she feels flattered and appreciated, she becomes very vulnerable and if you trigger her, sexual senses sensually, she starts to feel horny straightaway. However, she’s still not feeling secure because she does not know you. There are a couple of reasons that hold women back and we all know that, which includes, she does not know you yet, she wants to know if you know what you want and where you are leading her, she wants to test and see if you could be able to protect her, and you can also read her body language to detect her doubts, hint her you know her doubts and burst a little bit into your knowledge of the issues. She will then start to feel related and close to you. If you are interested in taking her into the operation chambers, then hint her you also know some of the reasons women don’t just wanna go to bed with any man and pause, take note, the reason is you want her to turn her feelings to channel 6, “this is her, jejejejejej, tell me”. The trick is you are building her confidence and pulling her subconscious mind to a direction of your choice. You are in control.



This is the best of the best, I tell you buddy. Believe me, random meeting is where you are ready for anything, anywhere anytime. This will lead to surplus successes. Take a walk in the city centre or hang around in the park on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Play the “tourist” and take a camera with you, if you do not have one, borrow or buy even a cheap disposable one with you. If you happen to see someone you admire and fancy to be your friend, simply turn to her and ask her if she would mind being your personal photographer? Tell her to take a photo of you,(you have as a stranger). Then immediately hand the camera to her, show where you want the card maybe in front of a show place or fountain, and in a way that only you appears in the picture and not the background. She will rather freak and say something like “what?” or “what do you mean?” Walk up to her and ask her to take position so you can show her what you mean. Photo-snapshot her, and promise to send her the card. Hand back the camera to her, take position again this time and tell her to do the same as you did. It is time to take her contact now, simply take out your diary/paper and pen, and hand it to her to write her address or telephone for you to contact her when the cards are ready. Women always like to collect such pictures unfailingly. Remember that dating is a game. Meeting a woman unexpectedly is the best way. Go to church if you are one, walk to the shops, and take different routs at all time, from and to work. Stop at super markets, for a bottle of coke or Fanta. Always make sure, you are clean beginning from inside. When you meet with a woman, start a conversation from eventually anything but never talk about dating and love except you have a special plan and expertise. It is a great way to expose your self and get to know many people while making friends and contacts. Take it as an adventure and you will meet and know many women. Join clubs and associations. If you do drive, another adventure is to drive to airports, coach stations or anywhere outside your town at your spare time. Stop any glamorous sexy lady that comes your way, if you can, ask for assumed (directions) street names or whatever, as an opener. Attend football matches, fairs, cosmetic shops, etc. When you sit down and put all the venues together, you will be able to identify, the likes of your dream woman and probably the best venue to approach a real match. Here is another secret, dating women is the same like driving a car. If you apply the process of driving car to dating, you will always have any princess of your choice. Work it out.

Here is your daily assignment until you meet miss right:

1.Get a pen and paper.

2.Write down all you want from a woman.

3.Write down the complete process of having a car.

4.Start from hard work to saving money, then purchasing.

5.Then sorting out paper work.

6.Opening, sitting and igniting the engine, setting it on motion.

7.lastly the control of gear systems and steering wheel.


Remember, women are very choosy because they have learnt from past and present mistakes. A woman wants somebody who feels comfortable about himself and being with her. Play with her, make her laugh and be honest at all the time. Be a conversation starter. Someone with a goal, ambition and can treat her to reach maximum love. Do not worry, I will be teaching on how to love in other chapters to come. Many have mistaken great sex for love, ahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Now is the time for you to open your mind to swallow the unadulterated benign reality about how to invoke a date, tease, rock and love a woman, what women want from men and how they expect you to treat them.



This is where many women get themselves drugged with caffeine from coffee and tea. It makes you feel more active. This caffeine stimulates the mind and creates a sense of happiness and relaxation. Believe it or not, no woman will go to sit in a coffee shop if she not feeling “cool” about her self. Women are always aware of who they are, especially when still single. They dress sexily, not to purposely seduce, but simply as the way they feel and wanna be. Many women are aware of their dressing when they meet with other women than men. We have researched and reached at that; women become more receptive and relax towards male approaches when having coffee and in a coffee shop. It is very simple; invite her to your table. Many women that frequent coffee shops are into full time jobs and consequently 90% will be from the area. Have a simple conversation, take her contact and from there, you can plan to take it to the next level.



This is another growing media for those of you who are workaholics, You with limited time to go out there and interact with the opposite sex world. Nevertheless, it can be great to take this route if it is affordable and worthwhile. What I know is, you have to spend if not too expensive. Forget completely about dating hot lines and classified personals. I believe that it is better to interact with someone in person before you could decide if she is up to your needs and desire. If the chemistry of attraction is being invoked and triggered properly, the results are clear, there and then. However, remember that women often tease and freak at the same time. However, there are uncountable numbers of online dating groups, with the opportunity to see the photos of other members. You an also chat, exchange cards and get to know each other. The Internet has become the centre of dating in recent years. Take your bullets with you online and start to shut. While online, you say what you like and you are opportune to think well while on a chat room, before responding. It is a great way to learn to ignite sexual chemistry. Nevertheless, do not forget that, face-to-face meeting at first sight remains the Ultimate. When you read this book to the end and attend our online courses, you will become a great genius and you can do what you like with women of your choice anywhere and at anytime. You will master how to invoke drama to charm.



Every family and individuals have got those necessities that will send them to the shopping mall at least once a week. Women like going to clean and nice places, and thus are expecting to meet and make nice friends. This is certain; women that have boy friends will undoubtedly invite them to go shopping with them on a weekend. That is the purpose of being together. When single women go out to shop, they dress sexily and sizzling. This is a great chance to communicate to many diversified persons, that, “she is needy and lonely”. How many of you can understand the timing? It is very simple, simply walk up to her or push your trolley closer to hers, smile and say something about either of the products in the shop or simply ask a question of your like. It is very important to say a thing that will make her to laugh and talk to you in return. Then, carry on to the next level, relating not necessarily or respectively to what she said, do this;

Smile a sizzling smile and tell her your name and initiate shaking hands, and she will tell you hers, ask her if she is from around, whatever her response, comment on her sexy gorgeous gown, blouse, hair, handbag or whatever you notice, she will say, “thank you”. Then in a funny, cocky and sexy lyrical tune, ask her what she is thanking you for and end by saying, or is she thanking you for having recognised her exotic (whatever) while maintaining direct eye contact and wearing a charming smile. She may say “what” in disbelief and start to laugh. Immediately she is laughing, wear a serious face like, you have not said anything and say bye to her, like you are frightened (pick a line and trigger on her e.g. are you sure you are not a microwave because you make my heart melt), start going and if she does not ask you to come back, turn on your 4th step, walk back to her, tell her you want to get back to know her, maybe you could be good friends or whatever, tell her she portrays a good personality and if not because your time is limited, you would have spent sometime laughing together. Finally, ask her if she has a fax number, if not, then ask her this very question “Then what is the best channel of connecting to you, mobile or e-mail? “She is forced to take one option, any option she opts for, simply remove a pen and diary and hand it to her, without hesitation, saying “write it here for me” and (there she writes), well done buddy. It takes maximum 5minutes and no more to chat up a lady. There you are gone.

Remember that, talking to a woman, you will like to date, your voice must sound charming and with style (sexy).Most engaging speakers modulate their voices and whatever they say, becomes lyrical and like a song. Be creative and funny. Many of the women you find within your city shopping mall live there. Always remember that, not every person goes to bars and clubs, maybe because of religion or whatever the reason maybe. Nevertheless, everyone must go shopping. Therefore, your chance of finding and making success through shopping is outstanding and overwhelmi



There is no specific place to meeting women. Meet them anywhere at any time and any place except in the cemetery. Everywhere, beautiful single woman is surrounding single tongue-tight-men. These women want you to talk to them. However, men fail to see and realise. It is very frustrating to those poor women out there. However, not every woman will suit your taste and vice versa. Take every opportunity to meet and talk to a new woman, be it in the nightclub, bar, street, Hospital, Shop, Super market, Shopping mall, school, just to name a few. You know what, you owe it to your self to get out there, ready with your bullets and start firing. Some of these women may not have anything common with you and it does not mean you want to go out and or date them. Normally being prepared means, having prepared your various “openers” to match different situations and or occasions.

Here we shall be looking at those specific targets that attract single ladies and woman and ways to make your self like a piece of diamond within women. I bet, you are, loving this opportunity. Yes, you will have the opportunity to meet your life target if you keep to this book all the time of your life. In this chapter, we are giving you the opportunity to see how different forms of approach, venues can enhance your ability to meet and date a woman of your choice.


Bars and night club is a famous venue for hunting women. Women like clubbing and bars because that is where, they own the opportunity to drink, advertise their sexiness by dancing, get pissed and be ready for anything. The least interesting thing you say to them when pissed, they laugh, smile, cuddle and even kiss you. In either places, you will find that some women never dance, “they are shy and looking to pick-up on the least opportunity available”. So, try going to bars and clubs for your chances. Preferably, bars that is not noisy. While in the nightclub, feel free to invite a lady you fancy to dance with you and you could still invite her for a cool chat outsight the club. You must be able to walk up to a woman, start up a sexy conversation to trigger her emotions if you are going to pick up. By sexy conversation I mean your tonality in the first place has to be somewhat lyrical and with firm. Let us say, you have identified some girls sitting together, bundled-up yourself to their table after the initial eye contact and say something like; “Hey guys, I am sorry for being so late, hit, what a hell of traffic to get here, how much have you guys taken yet so I can catch up the pace.” To your target, say, “I want a drink, get it for me and give her the money straight-away”. This is call an “opener” Let your body language portray a happy and confident personality. A woman will know and decide if she is going to meet and date you, as soon as you begin to approach to talk to her. It is clear that you will be nervous if not shy, but that’s the only way out. I could start up a conversation with a hottie, in a bar or nightclub as easy and simple as teasing her and making fun of her." Here’s another little tip on opening up a conversation. If you use an opinion/directions opener, it’s also imperative to have a funny follow-up story to go with it, so you can kind of role into your game naturally and technically while she is still interested in having laugh. Believe me, they like exotic things, venues and scenarios that are filled with फुं"।(But what is fun in mind of a woman?)


ME-Excuse me, mmmmmmm, the Champaign, oh no no, can I ask you a question?

HER; Go on,

ME; what makes of Champaign do you have here or the best quality available? (Knowing she does not work there still)

HER; Sorry, I do not work here darling

ME; Wow, your attire made me feel like you work here because where I come from in New York, in bars or clubs, they dress like you, “like bratty clad and sometimes in sexy bikinis”. You look really fabulous and indeed gorgeous. Anyway, my name is B…a pleasure to talk to you

HER; Me too, I am Hailey

ME; Hailey, you see the problem is that, I am a shy guy but getting over it now and I am enjoying it.

HER; what are you talking about? You do not look shy to me at all

ME; Are you not a shy person even when you meet someone that freaks your feelings?

HER; No I am never shy at all.

ME; Yeah, you look self confident, wearing a fabulous smile and shy-less appearance, really.

HER; It all depends on how someone opens up and on the situation as well, not letting go body language.

ME;Jejejejejejejejej, that’s true and also how comfortable you are made to feel, isn’t true? Yeah, I can see what you are saying in your eyes, so at least you are comfortable here, I see.

HER; what makes you feel you are shy? I do not see that in you.

ME; Wow, really It means I am not shy towards you because I am enjoying talking you and not feeling any shyness. However, my pleasure talking to you. I was sitting over there with my friends before I noticed you, if you would not mind, tell your friends to come sit with us and we can have some fun together if they are really fun to be with, like you.

HER; Oh, yeah, no problem, and she is about to go and bring her friends to our table.

ME; Hailey wet before you go, do not tell them so early that you will be going to my place with me to run your fingers through my back. (The trick here is that, if a woman is not interested in you, she will not spend her time talking to you in a club).

HER; She hit me on the shoulder, laughing and saying, “you sound too much for me”

ME;Jeehehhehehe, that’s sexual harassment Hailey. Did you mean I am not too much for you to handle, she stared at me and continued laughing towards her friends with her face already turned into red.(As simple as you see here is the same, so do the same as you have learnt).


What kind of person do you want to be seen as, my friend? A man that is seen as a failure by all women due to poor body language, panic and or fear of relevantly nothing than fear of enjoyment? I am very serious; it is very shameful to be afraid to approach people of the opposite sex. It is through anger that I have decided to break out the secrets of dating. My collaborators and I gained the quality of “WORLDS NO 1 DATING GURUS” through, the ability of approaching women and talking to them with confidence like our junior sisters, bratty clad and friends indeed. Making them to know we feel confident enough with them and would enjoy being with them on another occasion if not to find out if they really can fit into our type and we can make them our friends and get to do a lot of nice things together. So the better you feel confidently about yourself, the more women will recognise you and respond to you when you approach them. Confidence will be recognised by every woman when you approach her, if you do not portray a good and charming body language, then this is the time to take action. This is how we do, we will simply just walk up to the most beautiful woman we meet and start up a conversation. While conversing, we monitor how they feel about talking to us to understand how to better up each move. This is known as “self esteem and confidence”. It portrays how you feel about yourself. I would advice here that you watch the movies of “James Bond” “Hitch-date doctor by Will Smith” and learn how he speaks and behave with women. You have to be able to watch this movie and improve your personality towards women, improve your weaknesses by rejecting those opportunities of rejection. Even when you encounter rejection, never take it personal. You need to understand how human beings react to certain body (uncertain) languages and style of approach, which you will be learning in your next chapters. When you know what women are always looking for in men, how their minds operate, then you will be successful with them. Last but not the least, “you must know your inner self” to achieve full status. Knowing your self includes programming your subconscious mind away from failure and rejection.

Being a good player in the field is not a one days job. Constant training, commitment, enthusiasm and collaboration lead to perfection. Go now, and start talking to women, even if it means stopping them to ask for directions that do not exist, or street names or whatever. No woman will sue you for chatting her up, nor will she smack or hurt you. When in the field, there are only two things to expect to come out, that is, “success or failure” Remember, the more you practise, the greater your chances of success with women and particularly to your desire. I know many of you are funny and cocky, but in a different way that at times kills any further possibility of meeting women. Get into your laboratory, put together your components (funny+ cocky+ honesty), then go to the field and apply it. It is no miracle but the reality. It will bring you out from that melancholy if you do not tent to be a schmooze. But do not be supercilious. Always remember that, even the woman you look upon as average is being stopped and approached, flirted with and picked up by loads of men in general. So when you are about approaching a woman, keep in mind that, she has heard eventually all sorts of pick-up lines and it is therefore your sole responsibility to be different and outstanding. When you meet a woman that you fancy, please stop thinking about the following and will sweet-talk her without many crises; “what if she has a boyfriend or is married” “what if she happens to say something to someone about me having tried to date her and was kicked to the kerb” “what if she is not interesting and says something that sucks and hurts”? All these questions lead you no way at all. The game is in your court at the moment.

It really sucks to admit that, about 85% of men are women’s ass kissers. This happens in many cases when a man becomes weak and is scared that his woman might get upset and leave. Instead when a man starts to behave this way, it is probably true that “she” will leave. Women are fun of teasing men and this has been going-on for generations upon generations. As such when a woman whines, the man say’s, oh shit, she’s started being ridicule again and could leave as such, “the man is ready to do anything she wants at this moment, without even looking at the pros and cons. This is really very, very bad for you and as well as the woman and the relationship in its entirety. The solution to this issue is that, you must not dance to any tune to please a woman, and rather call them on all issues and messed-ups behaviour the same as you to your friends, sister, family. Use the tune that you would like to be used on you well. Make fun of her insecurities and tease her in a cocky but funny and playful way. Women are interested in a man that has a definition to cleanliness, makes enough money to earn a living and is different from the other 99millions.You have to be a challenge, cocky, honest, confident in your own self first, and in control. If you can challenge her constantly in addition and does not kiss up to her ass, she will be charmed by this attitude than the rest.

Now that you have read this page, be goal oriented, have a plan and passion on how you will want to build your life as you get your dating bullets in the next chapter. Take a deep breath, feel relax and face the world.




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