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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Approaching women anywhere in the world

Folks,like i said in my earlier posts,the problem with single men is that;they don't know from where to start and what to say to make a women start to feel that temptation. Well,remember this at every time you meet a girl/woman you will like to meet again;to make a woman to feel some temptation is never to sound needy.The first point is to make her to laugh and by being funny.Laughing alone boosts her immune systems and brings fun.Dating is a game of fun and if you can not create a couple funny scenarios,then automatically you are knocked out.I REPEAT,YOU MUST BE FUNNY AND SLIGHTLY ARROGANT BUT STILL IN A FUNNY MODE.You may start from my space

Right,lets look at this.Women are wired by nature to think very different from men and you must presume your self to think at the same level like them when looking for a date.People alway look for people with something in common.So relate yourself to her world.
You are walking down the street and there is Heyley and her friend coming from the opposite site of the road;you look at her and feel some temptation for her.What will you do have them start to talk to talk to you and to enjoy chatting to you is the first thing you must figure out before you make any initial approach."failing to prepare is preparing to fail".That is the motto.

If you are a single guy looking for a friend,soul mate,partner,relationship,romance and do really have problems with women,then first of all,focus on building a tonality that is interesting.The tone of your voice makes a woman to also decide either to listen to you or not.Mind the way you walk and what body language you portray.Your body language is probably one of the first things she will unconsciously focus at as you approach.This is known as non verbal communication.Your shoes in some cases are important as well as your dressing.It is simple to be clean and tidy.Make you yourself to smell good.

Damn,chatting up to those fantastic,hilarious,spectacular,radiant and good looking "backsides" is never direct talking.She says;however,where are you from?Your answer is;from space."She cracks up and says;"what"?From space?You say,you were up over there and scanning down the earth for some nice and friendly to just chat to,saw her from behind,how majestically she walked her backside down the road and looking fit like some that's spent a hell of money in the gym to be that exceptionally fit;she cracks up again hilariously and says,"some-one that's done whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt?Good game,you have made her to be talking to you and laughing.She laughs again and says,this mad is mad or crazy.Folks let me have a nap now and comtinue next time.I am sure this poetry has given you a clue,be funny pal and that's you.See you again next time




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