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Saturday, October 07, 2006

How to collect contact details from someone you fancy

Like i said before,meeting people that you never meet before is just the same as meeting someone familiar to you.I promised that;I will be teaching you guys about this dating and hooking-up thing.Here is your first step towards beating out the shit from that special person or some one you are interested to meet in the very nearby future.Never forget that a diary and a pen are a great tool towards collecting phone numbers,emails and house addresses.
Example;You are in a bar,club or community mostly dorminated by students or you are a male in a student crowded lot and there is a bird that strikes your eyes but you cannot figure out how to appraoch her to create awareness and to hook up with her later on.Normally,it is best to atleast have a friend with whom you hang out with or do somethings in common like going out for a drink together and sharing ideas.It is absolutely very easy and simple without any struggles.However remember that,if she really strikes your eyes then she had striken others as well and probably have heard all sort of asshole pick up lines from every Dee,Tom and harry.You need to prove that you are completely different from the rest of guys who keep approaching and telling her one and the same things and that you can be a real challenge and explosive fun to be around her.This is how to start;
YOU:Hey,(with a smiling face) may I ask you a question?
YOU:You attend uni or college around here?
HER:No,and looks away like she is not interested.
YOU:(tap her on the back just above her booty to call back her attention)So where r u from?
HER:From Manchester
YOU:Really?Were you born and brought-up there and how do you fancy it around here then?
HER:Just arrived here yesterday to visit some Ex-school mates.
YOU:So what occupies you in manchester then?
HER:You mean the kind of job i do?I am a pharmacist.
YOU:You kidding me?So you are a drug dealer?
HER:She cracks up immediately,ye, ye, ye,I am
You:However,I was with my friends Paul and Mike over there,i gotta go back to them and nice talking to you
HER:Nice talking to you too
YOU:Turn your back and move 2 or 3 steps, turn back to her and say;Have you got a pager?
YOU:So how do your friends link up with you then?
HER:By phone
YOU:Take out you diary and pen quietly and pass it to her
HER:What is this for?
You:Write it down there for me and I will call you when I am free(magic collection)
HER:OK and quietly she starts to write and hands back your diary.
YOU:Great and I will give you a ding soometime later within the week if i am free.Bye and take care of your self
HER:Ok and you too.
Bang,Bang.That is you already done and in less than no time.Give this simple game a trial and let me know your opinion.This simple game will work for any person or about 75% will make it.See you soon

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