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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Being at the top of game and highlights


Let us look at a simple way of approach to get her involved in a discussion with you and also agree to meet again. Remember, it is better if not best to talk to women that you are able to read their body expressions if it is going to take time before you can do away with that bad habit of scaring to talk to very beautiful women. If you are that shy; I will never advice you to use the Internet. You would need to build up self-confidence and be able to meet any woman and talk to her, before you can be able to enjoy the services of dating on the Internet. Nevertheless, the Internet remains a safe place for dating, you have enough time to decide, think before you write and after which you will still edit the whole thing before you send. You have the choice of who to contact online as many have online pictures. If you start talking and things seem not to be what you want, switch to next person. There are a lot of women desperate out there for someone serious and honest. And they will not just go for anything because they are desperately looking for Mr. Right.

One of the best places to get a cool date is the nightclub in another town or city. To be successful, you need to be a dancer. Dance the way you feel and forget about the others.

Walk up to a group of ladies where you have identified a target for the night. Say, “Hi, can I you ask you ladies a question? Probably they will say, yes like they had been waiting for you. Then, ask them this question in a funny character and cocky way; did you girls come here to dance, have fun or to pick up? Wear a serious face as you are asking the question. Some will say to dance, others to pick and some will simply ask you why are interested in their personal lives. Here you have many opportunities to choose from, provided you play your game very well. Remember, every woman that talks to you could date you possibly. You are never obliged to respond to any questions you are being asked by a woman. If the question sounds too hard or embarrassing for you, you can turn it up this way. Hey baby, it is long time since I left school and never been to court as well. Then say, I think you can dance well more than ask questions. Obviously she will say “yes”. Take this yes to mean, “yes” to dance with you and ask her hand quietly to take her to the dance floor or simply say, okay, let me see how sexy and confident you are and if true that you can dance very well, then I will make you my friend. Start dancing towards the dance floor and expect her to follow and she will follow. Make sure that as she gets into “lively up” with you, the next level is to take it physical and to do so is by touching and caressing. When you begin to dance, stop out of sudden and hold her with two hands and tell her to stop. Whisper, Telling her, she is not dancing properly, and then show by example while she watches how you would like to see her dance. Tell her to put her hand on your shoulder and her right hand round your waist. Believe me, she will do anything that you want, then place your right hands on her bum and one on her back, the one on her bum is to start to caress her bum and transit your message right into her bottom As you are dancing, send your hand and stroke her hair from time to time, hold her in a way, her boobs will be rubbing on your chest from time to time. This is called “two person in one person”. Now you have taken it physical, big time, buddy, I promise. Yeah, start telling her that she smells good, like the lilies of the spring water. Do not bother if your penis is too hungry in the course of dancing and consequently cannot be quiet. Without waste of time, whisper again to her to close her eyes, so you can have a good look at her angelic eyelashes. When she does, surprise her and start to kiss her neck and look at what will happen. It is wonderful because you could be guaranteed that you are going to get “laid” that same night and maybe more nights, if you play your game successfully to the end. You have neither talk about love but simply behaving with your body and building her mind, great time. You have transformed her feelings into a different world of fiery stars and imagination of how soon to get into heaven especially if she has a “good surgical weapon” and best of all, knows how to operate within your bedchambers, big time. Make sure your body language is saying, “you are having fun and enjoying being with her”. “If she happens, to make a mistake, to accuse you, by talking about your erected penis. Immediately turn it round and start to accuse her instead for being too fast by going sexual and thinking about sex and while you are not interested so quick, damn. despite the fact, your penis has given approval of her. Let her know you have always controlled it and that you do not just give in so fast, never. What you are doing here is building up her mind that you are always in control of the game. You are not needy or desperate or clingy as the others. This leads to great curiosity. This is a great way to tease a woman that you really fancy and it works like charm. And if you want to take home, simply say; I think you must be tired and ready for the bed now. Let us go. If she says where, simple say wherever and pause. Of course you are not scared of getting laid at her place or otherwise. However at some point it is likely very true that a woman you are talking will start to talk about sex if you are actually keeping up with the game simply by making her laugh as much as no longer can take. At this point, tease her by asking why she is talking about sex? Tell her if she starts talking about sex so soon, you just gonna rap your tail and get lost. Accuse her of trying to implant sex on your mind psychologically. Tell her, you are scared women that talk like that just wanna jump into someone pants, have their enjoyment and be off. Finish by affirming to her that, after all, you are aware she gets the greatest amount of satisfaction than the man does during sex. This is mystery I promise, as you say these words, she is feeling and becoming hotter and hotter and greedy especially when you include the following words in your sentences and phrases in addition to the above; SO TIGHT, HARDER, HOLD-UP, PUSH-IN, ENJOY, SEXY. There is absolutely no doubt that when you behave clingy and ass-leaking, women tend to run away but if you behave like you are not yet interested until you have known each other very well to become reliable friends, they will instead be the ones behaving clingy and you can always accuse them about subjects. Attractive women will always bring up a sex topic to see how comfortable you are with it. So it is a form of trick to see if you will become nervous, intimidated or insecure.

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