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Sunday, April 01, 2007

What are women really looking for in men?Tutorial


Women want a particular character in a man as I have always mentioned. Women want humour, honesty and a man that recognises their beauty and sweetness all the time but not in an “asshole” monotonous way. A man that knows what she is thinking before she ever says it. Ahhahahah, I know this sounds a bit weird and magical. Yes, that is what it means; women want you to be magical, to be different and funny, to be there with them all the time and of course, that is what she wants.

I want us to take time now and look at what I often do when in a nightclub or pub, when I notice a woman I will like to meet sometime or just to get to know her. I will wait to see her walk to the counter for a drink, then I will follow and make sure I find my way in front of her. Then, I will turn to her and say something like, excuse me baby, and she will say “yes”, then I will say, ”please I would be happy if you stop touching my ass with your soft touchy hands” .I say this while gazing differently into her eyes and lips but with a funny face. I have to be careful not to send a different image that will signify aggression and harassment. Remember that you need to read a woman’s body language and make consistent eye-to-eye contact before you approach. If she say’s sorry; I did not know that I was touching you or your ass, in an insecure way, I will then respond to something like “And your hands were even wet while talking my buttocks” she; “oh please, I am really sorry/but what you on about in an insecure manner”? Me, “ok, but I will not mind, if you take me off; this wet trousers and touchy my ass the more since you have already shown interest in it”. She and her friends will crack up seriously. However, if they respond with something like “huh touchy ass, touchy ass, it means she/they are aware that I am a joker maybe looking to approach, so this is accepting my personality. I will then respond with something like; well I do not like being touchy, touchy with a woman I do not know yet because it turns to go very far at times, anyway you look sweet wearing that hair, cloth, shoe, etc though, hey step closer please we can get it going. Remember, you have to keep it going, as situations are changing, tease them or her almost on all everything that she/they does. Maintain the same character and do not turn into an asshole after a short time. Tease as much as possible and make sweet compliments. Let her or them know, you are enjoying the company and they will start to feel free to talk more and even carry it physical. Still, keep up the character and play the hard to get instead.

If I am in a bar, I will do crazy things that many men will never have thought of, even when they are drunk. We all like to have fun with beautiful women. The trick here is that, if a woman is not interested in you, she will not afford the time and effort to be wasting with you. It is very psychological and women automatically feel and read your mind whenever you are about to approach them. The truth is, we humans can only talk to people we find interesting or beneficial in one way or the other. However, sometimes when I meet a woman that is “cold” instead of “cool”, I will simply just walk away and start to look at what is forward or ahead of me, (The wisdom is saint Paul says; the on thing I do is to forget what is behind me and do my best to reach what’s ahead). This is how it works.

When in a bar, it is good to be with friends who will give you company. If alone, when you find a lady you fancy, try to flirt with her using body signals, if she responds back, walk to the counter and buy or order a bottle of good wine or jack Daniels, collect two glasses and walk straight over to her say; Hey, I know women always like being flattered and treated with care, especially one that looks like you. Then, hand one of the glasses to her quietly without asking her opinion. Then say, you would appreciate to see her drink from your glass of wisdom, a unique opportunity of splendour and a great spirit of glamour, fun, happiness and everything in effect to make my day. Thank you. You will see how surprise she is to hear such sweet and strong words. But in her mind, she is always saying, “is he really serious or playing games to jump into my pants and be off”. Nevertheless, she is going to say something like, “ohhh, thank you, you are too sweet and she might give you a kiss or a hit on the back. If she makes an attempt to kiss you, bend down like you are going to eat her lips and stop on the way very close to her lip and say, I cannot believe this, while shaking your head and she will surely ask you this question, “what is wrong, what is it”. Tell her, no kissing so early, then take her hand and give it a kiss. That you might like to kiss her only when you know and are sure, that, it is right and ripe to do so. Of course, you know what you want and you know the way their minds work. It is better to know if she will freak in future or not before the precious gift of kiss. Say to her, kissing means a lot than sex to you, however you could teach her if you were in a sex school. That, many times you prefer to have cuddles, kisses, snuggling and romantic times than fornication. Let her know that, you prefer cuddles, kisses and snuggling and romantic times because you have enough time to know each other very well, you are not desperate or in a rush. She is automatically stunned, drunk and in complexity. Expect the next question from her that is going to be, “where are you from? This is your simple answer, well, we will need to drive or take a cap to reach your place, then, look at the time on your wrist watch or mobile phone and say, you have gotta go for an appointment somewhere or that you are going back to your friends. Remember, a sizzling smile will accomplish your game. Smile and tell her it was really nice talking to her. Then turn and move three steps and no more, turn back and say, hey s……, let me ask you one thing, then say, “do you use the computer,”? When she says “yes” then you say; and the Internet and has an email? When she says yes, just remove your pen and diary and hand it to her and ask her to write down her email, so you can contact her at your spare time and you can both talk about each others place or whatever that pup-up, she will take it and start to write, when she is writing, be very watchful so that, when she reaches this section of her email address,” @” then you say and your number and name as well. What has happened here is that, you have behaved like, accepting to use the Internet and computer automatically gives you the right to her contact. If she happens to say, what do you want my contacts for? Tell her you know at times it very hard to reach people and deliver your message perfectly without interruption while on the phone, but with email, she will surely read and digest your message very well at her own time and privacy. Smile and say, catch you soon at my spare time. This is to let her know that, you are a man that manages times consciously, and at times you need your own space. Tell her, you wish she could wear something so sexy next time when you next meet like; the scent of deodorant she is wearing, dress, shoes, hair etc she is wearing. Women like to be noticed and appreciated. If she starts to ask another question, just say bye, please keep it for next time, I must answer that very same question when we next meet. Remind me when we meet if I forget. Keep in mind that as you keep saying these words, you are moving at the same time.


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