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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just go and do it the simple way but "put the bullets in your head"


Many men still cannot figure out how to approach and start up a conversation that will lead to another stage. Sometimes I seem not to be happy when I come across men that are jerks. As easy as I am saying, stop a woman and ask her about the following; directives, nightclubs, the best pub around, shopping centres, female perspectives, resemblance, or simply to find out which shop she got shoe, skirt, trouser, shirt, hat, cap, diamonds, jewellery etc. Note, to talk find out about her dressing, you are required to touch it and feel the context of the material. This tells any woman that you are very confident with women and that you do care about dressing and fashion. Do not worry about making your conversation sound natural. Simply make your self and your conversation more interesting and get her attention. Avoid trying to act like a weirdo, like you want sneak in through your curiosity, this is not a good mode. Make her to start to laugh with you. The only way to do it is to go out there and start doing it until you master and see for your self what is happening in the field. No woman will come knocking at your door to make you her boyfriend if she has not seen a means to break your back, and have her diamonds, and then date a “bad boy”.

When talking to a woman, forget about sex and organise your subconscious mind towards making friends and getting to know each other and having a nice company. Think of Some one that will be there for you at all the time rather than getting laid on a single session. Think about how lively it could be if the two of you were having a cup of coffee and having some interesting conversation or on a bite as time goes by. When you talk about these topics with women, they pick it up immediately and start to act accordingly. Believe me, women consider men they will like to get physical with in two categories. You have a “long term” relationship and a “short term”. Short term is being referred to as something like a “sex toy”. It is you instead that decides how you would like a woman to categorise because she decides depending on how you make feel when in your net. However, if you happened to get laid so soon, then you can always decide which direction you want the relation to take. Okay, lets look at a simple way to start up a conversation with any woman you will fancy to meet again.

YOU: Hey, is that a real diamond you are wearing or replica?

HER: Yes, and then smiles back at you.

YOU: Let me have look at its design?

HER: Of course

YOU: Hold the hand that wears the diamond, stare at the diamonds, look into her palms as, then look up at her face and smile while still holding her hand and tell her your name.

HER: What are you smiling at? You think, it is fake? I bought it £289 or whatever and blah blah blah.

YOU: That’s right, I just wandered after having realised some thing so special and maybe exotic about you and your diamonds and then “pause” for a while, while smiling.

HER: Really! ohhhhhhhhhhhh, what is it?

YOU: Well, you have got an exotic smile on your face that represents diamonds and I am quite sure, there is something so very unique and original about your looks and hairstyle. And you also have a special side that people seem not to know. I know I am right because I am a magician.

HER:jejejejejejjeje You are so wonderful and too sweet babe.Nice to meet you.

YOU: However, my pleasure you. I have got to go do something very important and hopefully it will be fun to meet you some other time when I am free. I am really late and conclude with bye, move three steps turn back and ask her: Are you on orange,T-mobile or vodafone or 3G etc?

HER: On T-mobile

YOU: say! That sounds cool, then remove your dairy and pen or paper and pen and hand it to her quietly like confirming to be with T-mobile is confirmation to give her number to you. This works like magic and when she starts to write, then instruct her again to confirm her name in writing as well. When she is finished, promise to call her and be on the move without waste of time.


YOU: Hey, we are going out for a drink later, what are you doing? Join us and be my special guest and I will treat you like my bratty little sister.

HER: Hmmmm, I do not know, what are your plans?

YOU: My plans? Well, I have to stop by the jeweller to take size fitness test for my Diamond rings. They want to make sure it is a fit and that it is exactly what I wanted before they can permanently mount the diamonds. After that, I will be having a chat on phone from the queen of diamonds (posh) to advice on the “loo” affair. When I finish, then I will be kind of free for a drink.

HER:I don’t know yet but where will you be hanging out; I had plans to go out and get pissed with my friends and have fun. One never knows, we could end up in town or whatever, but I give you no assurance of a specific place but assurances of fun and wonderful time together is guaranteed. However, text me and let me know where to catch you guys (If you meet her and her mates, fine and fair enough. Take another direction. Let us assume that you have finally found them hanging like baths and having fun over a drink, this is how to go about;).

YOU: Pick up your glass of wine or pint and walk over to them and say; what, are you girls shy or something or you are strangers?(ice-breaker)

THEY: No, why?

YOU: Because I have been sitting over there with my mates for about 45minutes and winking at you girls and you could not afford to come over and say hi to me. Then pause for three seconds and pose this question to your target;

YOU: you know what they say about chicks that wear this, right? (While pointing to her, chain ring, earring, gown or whatever your targeted strategy.)After a pause then say; women who wear this kind of jewellery cannot afford the real thing. So you use your dog’s chain as your neck jewellery.(pretending like you said you were right),dammit, I hate it when I am dam right. Have all the rich girls been driven home or what? (Then start to pretend like you are walking away and wait for what will happen, very amazing and stunning. Expect her to grab you but if she doesn’t, then that’s her schizophrenia.

YOU: Oh what a cute ring? Is it real gold or diamonds? Let me have a look! When she shows her fingers to you hold and start to talk cockily about her, having soft hands. Then say, anywhere, jewellery has made some people to shine. Say it in a jokish and funny way. Make sure your whole body including hands and head are on motion like tilting your head from one corner to the other and your hands playing HIP-HOP-like rapping. If you say all these, she and her friends will crack up.

HER: jejejejejejejejejjejejejeje, you are so sweet and funny.

YOU: Yeah, I am funny and sweet; all the ladies want a piece ,just like a piece of chicken. Look, look at you getting hot and being happy. Ahahahahahha. Stop treating me like I am some sort of a sex object or something kinda worth tearing like a piece of chicken. But I cannot dispute the fact you look sweet and a challenge too but i can't let just put my back to the ground like that babe.............

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