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Saturday, March 31, 2007



When a man meets a woman he will like to know and to create and find a relationship, or a one night stand, you need to have a goal to make her feel and become personally involved so you can have her details. The whole basis of your relationship depends on you showing interest by asking meaningful questions that shows you will like to meet her again in the very near by future to know more about her. You must make it a priority to have her basic information. Be magic and her fun.

When you have introduced yourself to her, ask her name immediately and make sure you use her name time and time again when addressing her. Look for a common factor to relate to her, it could be a drink, piece of music, car, hobby, house décor, cloths, etc. The more attentive you are to a woman, the more she will like you. So, get her to relate and give her a good reason to trust you. Never forget that a sizzling and charming smile remains a great weapon to woo women. Always make sure, you blink one of your eyelids when sweet-talking to her for at least 3seconds and not more than 5seconds.

Before you conclude the conversation which may not last for more than five minutes, you must make sure there is available a means to get to reach to her at your spare time. This usually means getting her phone and email. In the world of today, almost everyone has at least an email account. Do not be afraid to find out if she is single and if she will be willing to hang out with you at your spare time. Be conscious of the tune of your language and body expressions. This is how to recognise and determine a woman’s body expressions;


Use eyes contact regularly when talking to women especially when you are saying something like, “I like you or fancy your dress, got a nice pair of shoe etc”. This will help to imprint your face in her mind and she will be feeling familiar and at ease. Your eyes are a woman’s focal point in deciding, so you it is you to decide what message you want women to project about you when you meet someone you fancy. Give a cheeky wink to the bird if she is gazing much into your eyes. Women use eyes as a main point of attention when flirting. Note that; dating is a game of flirting and seduction. If a woman plays with her hair while talking to you, it means, she is signalling that she is interested in you. Is this flirting or not? Dating is Very simple and easy stuff to follow and achieve your goals, okay. You cannot eat your cake and have it. It is a crime against nature to be without a woman and a crime against your own life and vice versa. Thank you.

If a woman sways her hips (makandi) while walking, it means that she is alerting of sexual availability.

If a woman makes faces with you, I mean winking and maintaining eye contact 2-3times;it means she wants you to approach her and start up a non-sexual conversation but let her know you are interested in meeting her again in the nearby future.


When a woman positioned her self-standing and ready to be approached, she will often stand with her legs slightly apart. Her arms could be at her back or by her side, on her pockets, on her hips or one hand holding a drink of any kind. She will look cool and calm, moving with calculated steps and feeling good about her self. Simply walk up her and strike up a conversation of any kind.

When a woman sits and crosses her legs, it is likely obvious that, a woman with dirty under wear will not do that. Therefore, she is saying that, “I am clean, sexy, nice skin, come over and talk to me”. Women cross their legs to be sexy, to show off her thigh is directly sending a message for an invitation. If she is leaning forward and or holding her knee, if she turns her body towards you when in a group, especially when you start to talk, it means she is interested in knowing more about you.

Here are common obvious flirting behaviours from women, that even you are not good at reading body language, you cannot go wrong if you notice some of these samples below.

She may look at you and send eyes crashing to the ground, or look at you and tilt her head one sided. It simplifies submission.

She may play with her hair, running her fingers through the hair and sending it backward. She may also straighten her cloths, wipe her shoe and rearrange the waist of her cloths. Rub her hand on her very own leg; touch her eyebrows, jewellery on the neck or ear etc.

These gestures indicate a desire to look attractive and to seduce. Women keep on communicating to men using various forms, but about 94% of men seem to have not a clue. Learn to observe and predict women at the time when you are talking to them to determine if they are in your game or not and hopefully, this book will help to identity and build up that missing part of your life. This is what I mean buddy;

Body language is all about non-verbal communication but behaviour that thrills. I think deaf people ought to be best in this field I guess. When you are about to walk up to a woman, what happens is, she simply judges your body expression and decide if she is going to like to you. If positive, then she is ready to listen and maybe take it forward or she will simply drop it like a tray of egg. To succeed in dating, I am placing emphasis in communication on the role of body language. When a woman is interested in knowing you further, she will unconsciously do some gestures with you and if you cannot understand, bang, bang, asshole, bye. So it is very vital to pay attention to women body language at all the time. You know it is quite palpable telling everything with words. So women exploit body language and launch such codes that many men seem to be clueless. I am going to help you with decoding future situations so that you never muck up again. Decoding now begins:


This is a sexual behaviour or sign. A lot of them systematically pet a glass in order to call your attention and many do deliberately. When you enter a bar, club and sees a blossoming bird touching and caressing her vodka or whatever it could be in the glass, do not think that she is expressing and/or enjoying her musicality. Instead of asking questions that maybe be seen as stupid, notice the way she is “playing her musical instrument”. Caressing-glass, elegant is a sign of intrinsic calmness, self-control and waiting. Simply sit by her and tease. Never mind, she could be with a boyfriend, she will warn you immediately. No qualms. So take a lead and be a good decision maker.


A mature woman considers cleanliness as a very vital part of her day-to-day life. Clean and neat hair is as important to a woman as acceptable height, wide shoulders and biceps for a man. A lady that grooms her hair with high care is expressing that she is full of energy and feeling like doing some family-friendly thing. If you meet a woman and happens to notice that, she has groomed her hair, 2-3times,it means she love being conquered. Try to pick clues on how and from where she grooms the hair and you will notice her temperaments. If she is doing it slowly, it means she is a cunning expert in the art of love. Quick and nervy movements disclose signs of impatience or embarrassment.


It is being anticipated that when a woman wets her lips and blink her eyes very often, it is an absolute sign of sexual communication. The message here is that; she will not mind anything between her lips, I guess we all know it. Take note, when she lashes her eye lash very often, there the message is; “I do not mind taking control and making jokes, smiling wildly and telling funny stories myself”.


Having gauged a woman’s face and body, it is appropriate and normal to watch her hands and head movement. Painted and well-groomed fingers and a well-groomed hairstyle are significant erotic signs. Sometimes she will be staring at her hands, which is signalling that, something is angering her and that she is not comfortable and maybe could be with you as well. If she beats the rhythm of the table, it means still the same as above. She is probably looking for the best way to get rid of you. Get rid of her instead and move-on.

Now that I have shown you how to recognise non-verbal female communication to approach and trigger their inner bellies, I would expect you to attend our online course for more inside strategies. To this, I am not bothered to take you behind the scene for a simple but technical way, which will take you hundreds if not millions of miles ahead of many of your friends and colleagues.

Humour is the greatest weapon that sends a “cool” message to a woman’s mind. If you can make a woman to laugh and have those great good feelings flowing throw her body, she will obviously like to know more and more about you and probably to meet you for whatever. If you are funny, cocky and unpredictable, you will probably have any woman you want in this world. However, getting women is not only humour. The way you smell and dress, body posture does have something to do as well. But, I tell you what, damn, no matter how you look, how rich you are, how handsome or ugly, you are five feet or seven feet tall, if you are self confident and humoured and can make a woman to laugh consistently, women will be kissing up to your “ass” all the time, wherever you maybe. Laughter boosts up the immune systems and the subconscious mind like some sort of electricity. Play eye tag with the bird you fancy, hold eye contact for 3seconds,and then look away before glancing back with a light-friendly smile. If she responds, then she will sure build up chemistry before you make a move to speak to her.

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