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Saturday, March 31, 2007



Most men fail to realise that, if a woman is treated accordingly, really treated correctly, her love knows no boundaries. When a woman loves, it becomes very deep in her heart and mind, deeper than anything you could ever think or imagine of. Your woman must be hinted to know and consequently feel that “she is queen not only when she is below 40yrs and on the bed only. As you are in position needing my intervention to get you out from this “shit”, the vicious cycle of subconscious mind failure to achieve real love and a sound relation, I am going to show you how to engage your woman’s, body, soul and mind. This is how it works;

While holding her hands and gazing straight into her eyes, cuddling her and sweet talking, being funny and cocky in a nice and not arrogant way, is virtually what more women often want, a passionate man able to encounter her subconscious minds with fiery passion and humour. You have to be a man at all times, be in control in a nice way, be fun to be with and most of all, be a kind of “magic”. A woman will be charmed when you say and do things to her, her dreams has not revealed to her yet. So the main magic comes in when the man stops talking and takes action, so start on your way to action now. Take it physical rather verbal, women have sexual desires that most be satisfied. This is nothing from a man that will be there when she needs him.

A woman wants a man to listen, appreciate and inspire her fiery little world. She wants a man that will be able to take away all her distractions and communicate fluently, verbally and physically. A man with a personality of undivided attention, one that knows what life is all about and can contribute successfully. Not a man that will finish her sentences for her cut her off, shout over her. I tell you what; she wants someone that will sit next to her, able to listen and contribute in turns. Not a man that all the times tries to infringe her rights to talk and decision sharing. So good communication is key to a long lasting relation. A relationship is about creating a bond that will allow the exchange of ideas, information and bits and pieces of individuals’ life, with the aim of dropping down trivial issues and looking at the challenges ahead with a sense and feeling of oneness. Women fancy a man that is at the top at his game, be it, running an office, cooking beans, fathering kids or taking care of a real woman. “Every woman longs to hold a man in her arms as he gazes up at her. Be it for what reason, every woman wants to be looked-up by her man who affirms with actions that she is all to him, the world at large. “Love comes from mutual understanding and respect”. Your woman wants you to show real love by helping her to free from society’s bondage. She wants you to know that, what ever happens to you has a direct effect on her and as such she can always stand in the rain for you. Nevertheless, if you do not understand how to help, listen, alleviate some of the stress surrounding her, your sex life will be in chaos.

Some relationships suffer because the woman has misunderstood and or misinterpreted the man far too long. This is because many of you are unaware of the body language you pose. Many times we men say things meaning different in our own minds, but in dating language, a woman looks at you as being aggressive and ignorant and she cannot stand to tell you all these things. A woman wants a man that will stand by her no matter what happens not a man that is clingy and always suspicious. Trust your woman and do not nag her. She will learn from you to hold trust sacred.

Tease her, and then please her at the same time. Nothing pleases a woman more a man who is good tease. Women like inconspicuous display of affection from a man that is game for a chase. She wants her man not be scared to keep a romantic note, gaze into her eyes, cuddle her and even snug her when she wants it without her saying a word. Women love men who can work on their sex appeal and have intelligent- funny and cocky conversation with them the next minute while keeping his masculinity in tact. This will carry away the woman’s mind and later on body and soul. Women love it when you do little for them like making coffee in the morning, greeting her by the door and allowing her the opportunity to take charge and as well as her own space at times. Women become helpless and seriously turned on when they know that their man is faithful, loyal, one who can be in a room with 70 other women and will only focus his attention on her. It is simple; she wants you to be the centre of her attention and compatible contributor to the drama. This is why I am continually saying; we have got to be conscious of the body language we pose. Work on it to give it a boast and firm.

Many men do not know how to make sex on the bed, know where the G-spot is situated, know how to treat a woman on the bed, 2 seconds sex, not aware of the importance of foreplay, etc. This will trigger her feelings towards you immediately and that, you are confident talking about sexual relations, as it is a good thing. This wills possibly transition into the operations chambers more naturally and friendly. However, be very cautious of sexual harassments, as some of them are freaks in many ways.

Many women suffer from lack of self-confidence no matter the degree. They worry about their hair, dressing, size, weight, and imperfection, shape and in fact everything. When a lot of these beautiful women stay for weeks, months and years without the right person approaching them, they panic and feel like, they are not beautiful enough, sexy, pretty and so on. This is part of their life style from creation. Therefore, you have to give her assurances every now and then but not in a monotonous way.

Beautiful women become very worried when they get into the bedroom, because they do not just want a “pussy thief” Reassure her, you are sleeping with her because you want her. Believe me, after sex, she will start to feel very close and attracted to being with you for more and more and for more and more sex. This, to her is no contract but an obligation and a way of true life if you are living together. She does not want you to leave or date another woman and she wants you to treat her all the time like the first day of contact. Treat her with fairness and care. Be a good listener and have enough time to spend with her and not with your family or friends. If you are not ready for this, PLEASE, do not use my wisdom to break their feelings and hearts. Let her know, you will enjoy going to places together in the future, trying new things and of course do not talk about marriage even if she does. You are not obliged to give an answer to every question she may ask. Do not be submissive at anytime at all. Never be arrogant as well, because women are always very suspicious of men unless you prove your self to be different from others. So if you cannot say something nice, I think, you had better be mute, so that she can drop you from her list as soon as possible. Treat her, as you will like to see others treat you. Be human, honest, charming and sweet-talking, caring and loving. Let her know, you enjoy talking to her and that you will like to enjoy more time with her. People have a tendency to blow off others who approach them seeking what is known as rapport. When you approach in a neutral and friendly way like this, they can’t figure out what’s going on, so what will happen is that, she will stick around until she can determine what is taking place. Before she can actually make out, it’s too late, you are already in, and have delivered you’re your game and Hooked her before she ever knows what wisdom heated her.

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