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Saturday, March 31, 2007


What kind of person do you want to be seen as, my friend? A man that is seen as a failure by all women due to poor body language, panic and or fear of relevantly nothing than fear of enjoyment? I am very serious; it is very shameful to be afraid to approach people of the opposite sex. It is through anger that I have decided to break out the secrets of dating. My collaborators and I gained the quality of “WORLDS NO 1 DATING GURUS” through, the ability of approaching women and talking to them with confidence like our junior sisters, bratty clad and friends indeed. Making them to know we feel confident enough with them and would enjoy being with them on another occasion if not to find out if they really can fit into our type and we can make them our friends and get to do a lot of nice things together. So the better you feel confidently about yourself, the more women will recognise you and respond to you when you approach them. Confidence will be recognised by every woman when you approach her, if you do not portray a good and charming body language, then this is the time to take action. This is how we do, we will simply just walk up to the most beautiful woman we meet and start up a conversation. While conversing, we monitor how they feel about talking to us to understand how to better up each move. This is known as “self esteem and confidence”. It portrays how you feel about yourself. I would advice here that you watch the movies of “James Bond” “Hitch-date doctor by Will Smith” and learn how he speaks and behave with women. You have to be able to watch this movie and improve your personality towards women, improve your weaknesses by rejecting those opportunities of rejection. Even when you encounter rejection, never take it personal. You need to understand how human beings react to certain body (uncertain) languages and style of approach, which you will be learning in your next chapters. When you know what women are always looking for in men, how their minds operate, then you will be successful with them. Last but not the least, “you must know your inner self” to achieve full status. Knowing your self includes programming your subconscious mind away from failure and rejection.

Being a good player in the field is not a one days job. Constant training, commitment, enthusiasm and collaboration lead to perfection. Go now, and start talking to women, even if it means stopping them to ask for directions that do not exist, or street names or whatever. No woman will sue you for chatting her up, nor will she smack or hurt you. When in the field, there are only two things to expect to come out, that is, “success or failure” Remember, the more you practise, the greater your chances of success with women and particularly to your desire. I know many of you are funny and cocky, but in a different way that at times kills any further possibility of meeting women. Get into your laboratory, put together your components (funny+ cocky+ honesty), then go to the field and apply it. It is no miracle but the reality. It will bring you out from that melancholy if you do not tent to be a schmooze. But do not be supercilious. Always remember that, even the woman you look upon as average is being stopped and approached, flirted with and picked up by loads of men in general. So when you are about approaching a woman, keep in mind that, she has heard eventually all sorts of pick-up lines and it is therefore your sole responsibility to be different and outstanding. When you meet a woman that you fancy, please stop thinking about the following and will sweet-talk her without many crises; “what if she has a boyfriend or is married” “what if she happens to say something to someone about me having tried to date her and was kicked to the kerb” “what if she is not interesting and says something that sucks and hurts”? All these questions lead you no way at all. The game is in your court at the moment.

It really sucks to admit that, about 85% of men are women’s ass kissers. This happens in many cases when a man becomes weak and is scared that his woman might get upset and leave. Instead when a man starts to behave this way, it is probably true that “she” will leave. Women are fun of teasing men and this has been going-on for generations upon generations. As such when a woman whines, the man say’s, oh shit, she’s started being ridicule again and could leave as such, “the man is ready to do anything she wants at this moment, without even looking at the pros and cons. This is really very, very bad for you and as well as the woman and the relationship in its entirety. The solution to this issue is that, you must not dance to any tune to please a woman, and rather call them on all issues and messed-ups behaviour the same as you to your friends, sister, family. Use the tune that you would like to be used on you well. Make fun of her insecurities and tease her in a cocky but funny and playful way. Women are interested in a man that has a definition to cleanliness, makes enough money to earn a living and is different from the other 99millions.You have to be a challenge, cocky, honest, confident in your own self first, and in control. If you can challenge her constantly in addition and does not kiss up to her ass, she will be charmed by this attitude than the rest.

Now that you have read this page, be goal oriented, have a plan and passion on how you will want to build your life as you get your dating bullets in the next chapter. Take a deep breath, feel relax and face the world.

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