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Saturday, March 31, 2007



There is no specific place to meeting women. Meet them anywhere at any time and any place except in the cemetery. Everywhere, beautiful single woman is surrounding single tongue-tight-men. These women want you to talk to them. However, men fail to see and realise. It is very frustrating to those poor women out there. However, not every woman will suit your taste and vice versa. Take every opportunity to meet and talk to a new woman, be it in the nightclub, bar, street, Hospital, Shop, Super market, Shopping mall, school, just to name a few. You know what, you owe it to your self to get out there, ready with your bullets and start firing. Some of these women may not have anything common with you and it does not mean you want to go out and or date them. Normally being prepared means, having prepared your various “openers” to match different situations and or occasions.

Here we shall be looking at those specific targets that attract single ladies and woman and ways to make your self like a piece of diamond within women. I bet, you are, loving this opportunity. Yes, you will have the opportunity to meet your life target if you keep to this book all the time of your life. In this chapter, we are giving you the opportunity to see how different forms of approach, venues can enhance your ability to meet and date a woman of your choice.


Bars and night club is a famous venue for hunting women. Women like clubbing and bars because that is where, they own the opportunity to drink, advertise their sexiness by dancing, get pissed and be ready for anything. The least interesting thing you say to them when pissed, they laugh, smile, cuddle and even kiss you. In either places, you will find that some women never dance, “they are shy and looking to pick-up on the least opportunity available”. So, try going to bars and clubs for your chances. Preferably, bars that is not noisy. While in the nightclub, feel free to invite a lady you fancy to dance with you and you could still invite her for a cool chat outsight the club. You must be able to walk up to a woman, start up a sexy conversation to trigger her emotions if you are going to pick up. By sexy conversation I mean your tonality in the first place has to be somewhat lyrical and with firm. Let us say, you have identified some girls sitting together, bundled-up yourself to their table after the initial eye contact and say something like; “Hey guys, I am sorry for being so late, hit, what a hell of traffic to get here, how much have you guys taken yet so I can catch up the pace.” To your target, say, “I want a drink, get it for me and give her the money straight-away”. This is call an “opener” Let your body language portray a happy and confident personality. A woman will know and decide if she is going to meet and date you, as soon as you begin to approach to talk to her. It is clear that you will be nervous if not shy, but that’s the only way out. I could start up a conversation with a hottie, in a bar or nightclub as easy and simple as teasing her and making fun of her." Here’s another little tip on opening up a conversation. If you use an opinion/directions opener, it’s also imperative to have a funny follow-up story to go with it, so you can kind of role into your game naturally and technically while she is still interested in having laugh. Believe me, they like exotic things, venues and scenarios that are filled with फुं"।(But what is fun in mind of a woman?)


ME-Excuse me, mmmmmmm, the Champaign, oh no no, can I ask you a question?

HER; Go on,

ME; what makes of Champaign do you have here or the best quality available? (Knowing she does not work there still)

HER; Sorry, I do not work here darling

ME; Wow, your attire made me feel like you work here because where I come from in New York, in bars or clubs, they dress like you, “like bratty clad and sometimes in sexy bikinis”. You look really fabulous and indeed gorgeous. Anyway, my name is B…a pleasure to talk to you

HER; Me too, I am Hailey

ME; Hailey, you see the problem is that, I am a shy guy but getting over it now and I am enjoying it.

HER; what are you talking about? You do not look shy to me at all

ME; Are you not a shy person even when you meet someone that freaks your feelings?

HER; No I am never shy at all.

ME; Yeah, you look self confident, wearing a fabulous smile and shy-less appearance, really.

HER; It all depends on how someone opens up and on the situation as well, not letting go body language.

ME;Jejejejejejejejej, that’s true and also how comfortable you are made to feel, isn’t true? Yeah, I can see what you are saying in your eyes, so at least you are comfortable here, I see.

HER; what makes you feel you are shy? I do not see that in you.

ME; Wow, really It means I am not shy towards you because I am enjoying talking you and not feeling any shyness. However, my pleasure talking to you. I was sitting over there with my friends before I noticed you, if you would not mind, tell your friends to come sit with us and we can have some fun together if they are really fun to be with, like you.

HER; Oh, yeah, no problem, and she is about to go and bring her friends to our table.

ME; Hailey wet before you go, do not tell them so early that you will be going to my place with me to run your fingers through my back. (The trick here is that, if a woman is not interested in you, she will not spend her time talking to you in a club).

HER; She hit me on the shoulder, laughing and saying, “you sound too much for me”

ME;Jeehehhehehe, that’s sexual harassment Hailey. Did you mean I am not too much for you to handle, she stared at me and continued laughing towards her friends with her face already turned into red.(As simple as you see here is the same, so do the same as you have learnt).

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