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Saturday, March 31, 2007



Every family and individuals have got those necessities that will send them to the shopping mall at least once a week. Women like going to clean and nice places, and thus are expecting to meet and make nice friends. This is certain; women that have boy friends will undoubtedly invite them to go shopping with them on a weekend. That is the purpose of being together. When single women go out to shop, they dress sexily and sizzling. This is a great chance to communicate to many diversified persons, that, “she is needy and lonely”. How many of you can understand the timing? It is very simple, simply walk up to her or push your trolley closer to hers, smile and say something about either of the products in the shop or simply ask a question of your like. It is very important to say a thing that will make her to laugh and talk to you in return. Then, carry on to the next level, relating not necessarily or respectively to what she said, do this;

Smile a sizzling smile and tell her your name and initiate shaking hands, and she will tell you hers, ask her if she is from around, whatever her response, comment on her sexy gorgeous gown, blouse, hair, handbag or whatever you notice, she will say, “thank you”. Then in a funny, cocky and sexy lyrical tune, ask her what she is thanking you for and end by saying, or is she thanking you for having recognised her exotic (whatever) while maintaining direct eye contact and wearing a charming smile. She may say “what” in disbelief and start to laugh. Immediately she is laughing, wear a serious face like, you have not said anything and say bye to her, like you are frightened (pick a line and trigger on her e.g. are you sure you are not a microwave because you make my heart melt), start going and if she does not ask you to come back, turn on your 4th step, walk back to her, tell her you want to get back to know her, maybe you could be good friends or whatever, tell her she portrays a good personality and if not because your time is limited, you would have spent sometime laughing together. Finally, ask her if she has a fax number, if not, then ask her this very question “Then what is the best channel of connecting to you, mobile or e-mail? “She is forced to take one option, any option she opts for, simply remove a pen and diary and hand it to her, without hesitation, saying “write it here for me” and (there she writes), well done buddy. It takes maximum 5minutes and no more to chat up a lady. There you are gone.

Remember that, talking to a woman, you will like to date, your voice must sound charming and with style (sexy).Most engaging speakers modulate their voices and whatever they say, becomes lyrical and like a song. Be creative and funny. Many of the women you find within your city shopping mall live there. Always remember that, not every person goes to bars and clubs, maybe because of religion or whatever the reason maybe. Nevertheless, everyone must go shopping. Therefore, your chance of finding and making success through shopping is outstanding and overwhelmi

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