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Saturday, March 31, 2007



Cuddles, kissing and romance are never taken into account by many men as a real weapon to woo women. Women consider and look at a kiss as another way of showing and making love. Cuddling a woman sends messages into her brain like a beam of light. Her subconscious mind will then accepts the message, and transmit it to her Brain, body and soul and the tension is immediately heightened and ready. Kissing and cuddling is the only secret to get physical, which makes a woman very vulnerable and more responsive to sex. It also takes you to another scene to appreciate her scent, smell, taste and feel. Their body knows what you are doing and it is very common with women that do enjoy great sex. This feeling then makes her to want to have sex with you. Knowing when to do all these things and when not to, then become very important. You do not like to be kicked to the kerb, yes, and you probably will not be comfortable if you attempt to kiss her and she snubs or turns off her head. To get to this level, be attentive and vigilant.

When chatting to a woman that you fancy, be watchful and vigilant towards her body language. Listen to her voice tune and determine either to continue or not. Remember, if a woman is not laughing or smiling with you, then your chances of success are 0%. To help this, imitate her style of communication and this will make her see something common about the two of you. Speak slowly, sexily, and soft. However, if she is hilarious with you, keep it up and make a lot of jokes to make her laugh but on different occasions and not one after the other. Keep a close record of her vocabulary, as it sometimes describes the things she may like, and try to make sure you apply her vocabulary within your own sentences. Her subconscious mind will immediately trigger her “senses of similarity” and she will be feeling that, there is actually something common between the two of you. What I am saying here is that, you should create a connection for a woman to feel connected to you at all time. Always avoid disagreeing with a woman at the start of a relationship. When a woman is feeling close and connected, she starts to feel to want to trust you and be more willing to say “yes” to you whenever you ask her out or for her contact details. You need to know and build up a few skills on how to make a woman feel connected and how to create chemistry. Keep in mind, you have nothing to loose at all, even when she is not interested in you. The fact is, you most let a woman you are interested in know that, you are interested in knowing her further. You can do this by constant eye-to-eye contact with her,(3-5seconds maximum) giving her a nod, a smile and if she responding to either of this, it means she is ready to talk to you. This is known as non-verbal communication. Move up to her at once without hesitation to start up a verbal communication now. Do not move away your eye contact until she does so, as you walk up to her. Walking up to her confidently portrays that you are a self-assured gentleman and all you need is to say something to make her laugh or smile and break the ice. She will show approval by likely smiling back, wink an eye, raise her eyes brows or tilt her hair. For her to recognise your own chemistry, is when you have received acknowledgement from her and starts behaving subconsciously and making subtle body movements. At this point, you the man concern, you may not even be aware of your actions but the women will likely notice it. This behaviour is usually a sign of anxiety to meet her and talk her home if need be. Women find it very attractive when they notice you feeling for them and a sign that you are interested in knowing her. The best of all is when they are being swept away unexpectedly.

Women gauge their relationships on how well they relate to the man concern. There most be some sort of emotional involvement to make a woman feel related and closer to you. A woman is very concern about how you make her to feel towards you and interacting with her. Let her to know the basics of what you like and dislike, ask her questions and answer her questions as well. Let her know how much you know about women and tell her what makes you different from the others in a sexy posh tune. Offer personal opinions and this will make her to feel closer to you and she will move to a more personal conversation. Ask her how she feels s about her work, or if in a gym, talk about gym, you may say, how much you admire her for taking good care of her body. Tie in your feelings to any facts she may bring forth. Remember that, to see her again all rely on you, making her to feel very comfortable and trust towards you and showing emotions, you therefore must tease and make her laugh and feel valued and respected. The main goal of a conversation is to get her details and trigger attraction. You will find icebreakers ready to use at any occasion as you proceed. We call ‘em “pick-up lines”.

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