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Saturday, March 31, 2007



The “game” of dating and seduction.

I feel very confident that many of you may have heard of the proverb “smooth runs the water where the brook is deep”. Fair enough, that’s what women want from you. Stop being predictable, stalker and surprise the woman you fancy. However, the secret here is that, women like to be flattered. They know that you are flattering and it is what they want. Surprise them with romance. Tell them, they look exotic, glamorous and sexy eyed etc; say, you can’t stop gazing into her eyes with a seductive smile and tune. You can also be lyrical, recall a great piece of love lyrics as a reference. Take a quick notice of all that she wears and use either of them to tease her in a playful manner. Tell her she has a wonderful blouse, trouser, coat. Then, support it with a simple question, like; what is it made from? When she tells you, then say, really, and send your hand to touch and feel the texture of the material. When you have felt it, say, it looks good like it could be a good referee under your pillows like a referee in a football match (remember, after ejaculation, she has to tidy up, so the referee under the pillow refers to that rag you keep under the pillow for cleaning-up, ahahahahahhaah). However, the most important thing is good timing. You need to know when to say what and when not to. Don’t worry buddy, I have revealed it.

This book will serve as a reference of your lifetime to charm almost any woman of your choice. Remember, “a quitter never wins and a winner never quits” The way, you seduce a woman depends on what you want. It is equally the same like women seducing idols like Mick Tyson, David Beckham, Will Smith, etc. Therefore, you need to put down a drawing with illustrations and targets of women. The type and how you are going to approach individual situation. “Failing to prepare is preparing is fail” Please do not put your self in this situation. Obviously, we all want a beautiful woman in our lives. Believe me bud no woman is ugly. “Beauty lies on the eye of the beholder”. Figure out what kind of woman you are looking for and use this book to draw your personal plan, from seeing her until her blouse is a referee in your house/flat or wherever. DO NOT FORGET THAT THERE IS AN ONLINE COURSE. If a woman responds to your flirting then she will respond to your sexual demands. When she starts to respond, you begin to treat/talk her the same like when you and your mates used to hang in the parks at the ages of 3-5.Laugh, tell stories and play with each other. Put this in your mind, 75% of women are desperate for sex-eat-up, sex-eat-up, sex-eat-up, and sex. Nevertheless, I tell you what, not with any man except they go drunk. If you are a good player, after you have finished recording these words of wisdom of the Lord dating consultant, Stanley Mathew into your brains, I will presume that, you will be in need of a “private Urologist consultant”. Let her know you are comfortable in your own body and by behaving and talking to her.

Women hate being considered cheap cargo. They cannot just give in that cheap, even if they want you desperately. So don’t give-up and don’t stalk her. They need more attention, more lead-time. Do not tell her directly” I want you to be my friend, I love you, I like you etc because you will embarrass her”. Instead, give her hints, be unpredictable and a real monkey to be with. Build anticipation and hint her, you intend to take the relation forward. Then start showing her, attention by feeling and behaving very close and related to her. Never ask a woman for a kiss or hug, you want to kiss, ”kiss”, you want to hug, ”hug”. This has to be like some sort of drama. Put this in ya mind bud, “you are talking to a woman and making her laugh, she is hanging there with you and friends or whatever, when you let her know, you think she can be prettier and attractive, then move immediately closer to her toe2toe, gazing into her eyes and imagining how you could hold her dieing on your arms and watch at what she is going to do. Very amazing, ahahahahhaha” Be very confident about your body at all the time, because women are aware, your prick could be very sensitive when facing a hole it want desperately or for fun. If it happens, she will know, therefore you must turn it to a joke immediately. She will either want to cuddle, hug or kiss you. Buddy, say to her, ohhhhhhhhh noooo, pretty angel, not so soon. Look and read at the look on her face, “oh no, he can’t just say this to me”. While you maintain eye contact, take her into your body and arms, without waste of time and run the tips of your fingers of the right hand, from her neck down to her waste for about 5seconds,then remove her from your body and maintain holding her both arms and appreciating her for smelling just amazing. Accuse her for having hugged you a lot and that because she sent her hands round you, look at your self and say; you have become very small and as such she is gotta cook some food for you or simply take it any direction of your choice. You will be amazed and stoned at how she will behave. Most of her seductive language most be returned to her.

This form of drama is leading to romantic physical interaction and attraction. It is clear, if a woman feels nothing from you, she will not waste her time talking and laughing with you, understood dude? Always remember that, women enjoy being flattered. When she feels flattered and appreciated, she becomes very vulnerable and if you trigger her, sexual senses sensually, she starts to feel horny straightaway. However, she’s still not feeling secure because she does not know you. There are a couple of reasons that hold women back and we all know that, which includes, she does not know you yet, she wants to know if you know what you want and where you are leading her, she wants to test and see if you could be able to protect her, and you can also read her body language to detect her doubts, hint her you know her doubts and burst a little bit into your knowledge of the issues. She will then start to feel related and close to you. If you are interested in taking her into the operation chambers, then hint her you also know some of the reasons women don’t just wanna go to bed with any man and pause, take note, the reason is you want her to turn her feelings to channel 6, “this is her, jejejejejej, tell me”. The trick is you are building her confidence and pulling her subconscious mind to a direction of your choice. You are in control.

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