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Saturday, March 31, 2007



This is the best of the best, I tell you buddy. Believe me, random meeting is where you are ready for anything, anywhere anytime. This will lead to surplus successes. Take a walk in the city centre or hang around in the park on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Play the “tourist” and take a camera with you, if you do not have one, borrow or buy even a cheap disposable one with you. If you happen to see someone you admire and fancy to be your friend, simply turn to her and ask her if she would mind being your personal photographer? Tell her to take a photo of you,(you have as a stranger). Then immediately hand the camera to her, show where you want the card maybe in front of a show place or fountain, and in a way that only you appears in the picture and not the background. She will rather freak and say something like “what?” or “what do you mean?” Walk up to her and ask her to take position so you can show her what you mean. Photo-snapshot her, and promise to send her the card. Hand back the camera to her, take position again this time and tell her to do the same as you did. It is time to take her contact now, simply take out your diary/paper and pen, and hand it to her to write her address or telephone for you to contact her when the cards are ready. Women always like to collect such pictures unfailingly. Remember that dating is a game. Meeting a woman unexpectedly is the best way. Go to church if you are one, walk to the shops, and take different routs at all time, from and to work. Stop at super markets, for a bottle of coke or Fanta. Always make sure, you are clean beginning from inside. When you meet with a woman, start a conversation from eventually anything but never talk about dating and love except you have a special plan and expertise. It is a great way to expose your self and get to know many people while making friends and contacts. Take it as an adventure and you will meet and know many women. Join clubs and associations. If you do drive, another adventure is to drive to airports, coach stations or anywhere outside your town at your spare time. Stop any glamorous sexy lady that comes your way, if you can, ask for assumed (directions) street names or whatever, as an opener. Attend football matches, fairs, cosmetic shops, etc. When you sit down and put all the venues together, you will be able to identify, the likes of your dream woman and probably the best venue to approach a real match. Here is another secret, dating women is the same like driving a car. If you apply the process of driving car to dating, you will always have any princess of your choice. Work it out.

Here is your daily assignment until you meet miss right:

1.Get a pen and paper.

2.Write down all you want from a woman.

3.Write down the complete process of having a car.

4.Start from hard work to saving money, then purchasing.

5.Then sorting out paper work.

6.Opening, sitting and igniting the engine, setting it on motion.

7.lastly the control of gear systems and steering wheel.


Remember, women are very choosy because they have learnt from past and present mistakes. A woman wants somebody who feels comfortable about himself and being with her. Play with her, make her laugh and be honest at all the time. Be a conversation starter. Someone with a goal, ambition and can treat her to reach maximum love. Do not worry, I will be teaching on how to love in other chapters to come. Many have mistaken great sex for love, ahahahahahhahahahahahaha. Now is the time for you to open your mind to swallow the unadulterated benign reality about how to invoke a date, tease, rock and love a woman, what women want from men and how they expect you to treat them.

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