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Friday, March 30, 2007

Dating very beautiful women



Let us get down to business straight away. Many men see dating as some sort of magic beyond their reach and thus spend a great deal of their life time living in solitude and isolation. You don’t sit there and expect a woman to walk up to you with an opener, do you? From the beginning of civilisation, it has always been that, men will approach women and initiate them into a relationship, no matter the type. Dating is a very simple but delicate game that needs patience, perseverance, creativity, fun, laughter, and jokes and in fact, whatever it takes to make it. You must GO out there, meet ladies and talk to them. Some men find it hard to accept rejection and criticism, but without which you cannot grow successfully in the field of dating. I will be talking about turning “negativity” into “positivism”. I know that you are all interested in this unique possibility, and you will have it in the other coming chapters. Learn from your mistakes

The “game” has all the tools you need to become successful with must woman anywhere/anyplace in the world irrespective of colour and religions. Now you have the opportunity at your finger tips to learn what attracts women, their secret thinking abilities, what scares them from men, their life-gene, how to read their minds, approach and befriend, and how to get any woman interested and feeling comfortable to being with you. You have to admit that, it is time to really go out there and make friends if not getting laid. Undoubtedly, you should be expecting rejection as you make this decision to get started, with rebuilding that part of you that is being destroyed day after day by fear and confusion of how to get things right. It is only when you meet rejection that, you will learn to perfect that particular stage or scenario. Practice is the best teacher, in other words it is called “hands on learning”. Learn to adapt this, “saying” into your life “A quitter never wins while a winner never quit”. Obviously, each failure you encounter leads to 10 successes and even more. So you MUST go out there, meet women and talk to them. You will be doing this as some sort of practise to become good if not perfect, but I tell you what; you will undoubtedly face rejection during your primary initiatives and you have to be ready for it. You should not give up because rejection is part of the life we are living without which life is incomplete. As you read this book and proceed, success will become to you like a dream come true, this book is a genuine BULLET. Do not mess about with it; use it only to better your understanding of dating and how women think about men. Please it will be an offence to use book and disrupt others relations or to magically use women like some sort of toilet tissue or something. It’s primordial objective is to balance that missing equation in dating;(me -sex+ humour+ honesty+ chemistry=Dating). Make life more comfortable and free from danger when everyman can get a woman they want to be with for the rest of their life.

Dating women is not about buying them expensive gifts and taking them to expensive restaurants and doing to them favours. It is about having fun together, getting to know each other and exercising honesty. So learn that women are very much interested in the way you make them to feel towards you and how you feel about your own self, not money, beauty and fame. Women want a man that is loyal and has the definition of commitment. When a man lets a woman to know that, he does not take to any crap and as such he chooses very carefully is very hypnotically charming in the back of mind of a woman. Know those beautiful women are accustomed to men kissing their ass and accepting whatever condition. Believe me, women will trick and taste you from all angles. The fact here is that, at times a woman will say “no” when she does not mean it. When you take women out to dinners and buy gifts at an early stage, in the back of her mind, she is saying “you are simply trying to buy her with gifts” which in other words is looked upon as manipulation and lack of self-confidence. So you need to portray enough confidence in reality to please a woman rather than signing cheques and slotting your bank from wall to wall. Just because you have bought this book, it is a great sign that you are someone that is interested in giving new things a try and because you remedy your tragedy, so affirm these three phrases everyday until you reach your goal; “I CAN TALK TO ANY WOMAN” “I CAN DATE ANY WOMAN AS MUCH AS CHANGE MY LIFE WHEN I WANT TO”. Affirm success in whatever you do, and it will come your way. Then when you have seen your real target, get closer to her, soften your voice to sound lyrical and you will be seen as sexy and charming. Here I am giving you some top flirting tips.

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