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Friday, March 30, 2007

Jokes for every occassion buy what about saturday?

A woman said to her friend, “I made my husband a millionaire”. And what was he valued at before you married him? She replied “a billionaire”. But remember that the best woman is one that does not work in formal settings but work in bedroom and is therefore able to spend all her husbands’ money. Do you actually know why it is good to a woman she asked her friend?
· You never have to buy your own drinks
· You can get laid anytime you want in life
· You can dance
· You never run out of excuses
· You are not expected to know how cars work
· You don’t have to mow the lawn
· You always get to choose the movie
· You can sleep your way to the top
· You can get out of speeding tickets by crying
· You don’t have to adjust our genitals constantly
· You can marry rich man and don’t have to work
· Sweat is sexy on you
· You get expensive jewelry as gifts that you never will have to return
· You get gifts all the time because men miss up very often
· You are a better gossip
· You need no excuse to be in a bad mode
· You piss while sitting down, so it is easier to pass out on the toilet when drunk
· You look better when naked than men
· You can wear no underwear and no person will know but a man without one is disgusting
· You look good in shorts
· You never have to use a power drill
· You can give “the look” that makes any man cower in the corner
· Women do less time for violent crime.
· Short women are petite, short men are just short
· You have mastered civilized eating.

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