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Friday, March 30, 2007



As we must all agree, women won’t flirt with you on the street nor start up a conversation to make you feel some temptation even though there are exceptional cases. I think women of the 21st century will hardly come up to you and request for your number, email, pager or fax. It is certain that once you meet a woman, she has the upper hand to make a decision either to agree or disagree with your request. She might not want to make you feel hurt when she feels nothing about you, thus, could give you her number or it could even be a wrong one to send you off to the curb. I think we all know what I mean. It is very stupid to walk up to a bird and start to tell her, how much you love her, how much you feel for here etc during the first initial contact. Or to walk up to a woman without a taught of how to keep and maintain a sweet charming conversation on-going, moving from topic to topic and taking into account her body expressions. As such you will need to create “chemistry”, which you will be learning in the subsequent pages. It is clear that some will exchange numbers and others will not. However, if she is interested in taking it forward, it means you have played it “cool” and while cool means, “you have been able to trigger her inside to laugh and being interesting”. When you make a woman to laugh, you are boosting up her immune system, making her to feel good about herself towards you, feeling and having the “likes” of meeting you again and thus; she will give you her number and take yours in return. 79% of these scenarios will occur only when she is feeling something about you, your attitude etc. You therefore have to prove yourself as different from the other millions. We call it “Transfer of emotions”. Remember that you are the one initiating the contact, so it is your place to call her first. This is to show concern, interest and seriousness. What men want is to “create friendship” and get to know each other or if you are after a one-night-stand, then all the same but unfortunately, I do not visa the attitude of one night stands. You have and must guarantee to her that she will remain adorable, valued and respected when with you. Every woman wants to know that this is the way you are going to be. Never wait for a woman to call you first, except only when WE MUST HAVE QUALIFIED YOU AS A GURU. This is how it works; Call her immediately after two or three days. Let her know that you will be interested in playing an open game to get to know each other. Be careful not to talk about love or a relationship when you make your first call. Your focus is on planning a meeting for what ever that comes out. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY OUT,”GO OUT AND TALK TO WOMEN IN THEIR NUMBERS, get their numbers and success will come your way. Immediately you finish reading and understanding this book, meet and date as possible as you are worth. This is will give you valuable experience irrespective of whether you to intend to carry it forward. Just talk to as many women as you can. You will be learning how to start up “chemistry conversation” soon. GURANTEE, “RELY ON US”. “Within this book and in OUR ONLINE SCHOOL, FURTHER ASSISTANCE ON ONE TO ONE AND PUBLIC BASES” is what we have put in place for you. The next sub topic will talk about the power and law of affirmation, you and inner-yourself. This is the most important part of the book.


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