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Friday, March 30, 2007

Hey do not crack-up in laughter okay



A woman was walking down the street from church with her a younger son of 6yrs when they spotted two birds mating on the middle of the road.
“Mum, what are does birds doing?” He asked
Mum became embarrassed but answered, “Oh they are making sandwiches dear”. A few minutes later just about 100yards away from home, they saw two dogs mating but the curious young man won’t keep his curiosity and asked again what the dogs were doing with a serious tonality. Mum, answered, “emmm they’re making sandwiches also dear.” That night when they went home the boy went to his bed then heard noises coming from “mum and dad’s room” like mum was continuously sighing to dad and the son called for mum, Mum rushed to his room thinking something may have gone wrong, What is it dear that you had to call for me. Yes mum I did. What’s the problem son?
The boy answered, “Were you making sandwiches”
She blushed and said; ”How can you tell then”
The boy replied, “You got salad cream all over your face”

One curious Child wanted to know where babies come from and had to ask his mum. “Mum where do babies actually come from”?
Mum replied, “Mum and daddy have to fall in love and get married legal and they have sex”.
The boy asks “What is sex then”?
Mum replied, “Sex means Daddy puts his penis into mummy’s vagina and that is how babies come”.
The boy nodded his head and said; “Mum but the other day when I was sleeping with you and Dad in your room, I saw you put daddy’s penis in your mouth instead. So what do you get from having daddy’s penis in mouth”?
Mum replied, “Don’t bother too much son, you are getting mature everyday but what I get from it is jewelry.

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