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Friday, March 30, 2007



An affirmation is about building and maintaining your sub conscious mind towards positivism that you consciously choose or decide to immerse in your consciousness to deliver wanted outcome. What I mean is that, everything you need to know about better dating is within you. These commandments and words of wisdom of Dating Guru, Lord Stanley Mathew is the embodiment of procedures that will create a far more awareness of your inner self and what is already in your subconscious and thereby triggering and tracking what is missing from you that makes you what you are now. The results will move through your body like electricity, in a speed of light-like manner. I am not having any qualms that many men are afraid of social contacts and especially terrified of women. I know that you know your problem as well, but still you cannot get out from it. Believe it or not, self-esteem is the crucial element in your capacity for fulfilment of your desires. There work with what I will be giving to you until it is assimilated, you will not only discover the results quickly in your dating lifestyle, but in all areas of your life and family. It is only when you are having a good relationship with your self and inner self, that you will be able to automatically have a good relation with others. The soul attracts that which the mind harbours. The mind then receives it and stores it within your thought structure. The mind programs itself all the time towards how you feel about your self and keeps reminding your sub conscious mind towards that direction. The mind operates like a graphic equalizer, so set it to your taste of desires now. Feel good about your self and your mind will reprogram itself and the “law of feeling good” will attract the person that has harmony with your thought structure. By the universal law of attraction, someone will respond to the mental vibrations you exude.

You can create a perfect relationship by sitting down making a list of what you want in a relation and the nature of the relation. Be it short term, long term or time will tell. Invoke and meditate on them. Imagine the kind of person you want for a relationship and imagine having a good laugh together with that person. Because, these are the words of wisdom, someone will come into your life just as you imagine provided you really are serious and willing for it to happen. Thinking alone creates and triggers an inner vibration that inevitably attracts that which is in its focus. If you are already in a relationship, it makes absolutely no difference; the very same procedures will work for you. Visualise and picture these positive divine sacred qualities coming out in your partner and your partner will soon develop and become as you imagine. The universal mind is one and it is everywhere at the same time and in all things. So the difference between you and others is simply illusionary. We all are vibrating and in different frequencies and levels. Raise you and you will be able to attract people on higher and higher levels and frequencies. Believe me, what you are willing to accept comes your way straight away. If you want loneliness, you will probably have it. If you want to share a sizzling sweet and fabulous life with some special, real, honest and caring, that’s exactly what you are having, buddy. Happiness can only come your way, when your life gives you what your mind is willing to accept. Therefore take responsibility for the thoughts you choose to think regarding women, life and dating. You can bring people into your life that you like with your thoughts. We are all interrelated, so you do not have to search for long and apply a lot of effort. A successful relationship is based upon one being nourished simply by the others presence. That is all. What you need is simply to make it an interesting game and set up some agreements. Be careful not be caught in the rules. Change your rules as many times as it fits into your taste. Negotiation is all that you need to do. Now, are you alone and getting frustrated all the time? Are you depressed and confined? Are you lonely because your wife left you, an experience of rejection, feelings of guilt, scared of approaching and talking to women, don’t you know what has gone wrong, don’t you feel attractive, don’t you know what to say when with a woman? Does it keep recurring in your mind? Are you simply just nervous? Do you feel hopeless, lost, forgotten and like puuh? Ahahhahhahaha, the answer is in your mouth. So put your foot in your mouth. However, I have only come in to beat out that shit thinking and character out of you and finally to suck out that shit which had been a vicious cycle of pain, frustration, depression and schizophrenia. Because you need to know how to go about with relations to; attract your ideal match; eradicate those feelings of rejection, depression and loneliness; build and maintain a loving, harmonious long term relationship, establish a natural sexual relation and to give toys but 2nd position in our relations; I am giving you an exercise that will upgrade your memory sensors and those senses that woo women, charm, seduce women with 99% success rate. This is called “THE POWER OF AFFIRMATION.

“I am beginning to like myself as a man”7x

“I can approach and talk to any bird”7x

“I no longer depend on someone for my self esteem”7x

“I am learning to love everyday”7x

“I like myself even when women are not present”7x

“I am successful enough to please everyone”7x

“I am able to practise being good to myself”7x

“I am not a failure but a complete success”7x

“I now trust my self and will go at my own speed”7x

“I now can accept that self loving is everything I need”7x

“I can now turn my negative thoughts& become positvist”7x

“I can approve of all my actions now”7x

“I have confidence in my abilities and humour”7x

“The search for love is now over, I have found it”7x

“I am happy, women/men can see me different now”7x

“huh,I am so gorgeous and fabulous, nice looking”7x

“Now I know why they gaze at me, I was foolish”7x

“I will plant my seeds of sweet love everywhere now”7x

“I am becoming passionately interested in new friends”7x

“The more I show and share love, the more I receive”7x

“ohhhh, yeah, I am on the track now, I am really”7x

“I’m willing to stop any lady and laugh with her”7x

“Now I dash off all those ugly thoughts”7x

“My love is being instantly transmitted to the subconscious of others telepathically.”7x

“The more successful I can handle solitude, the more successful the relationships”7x

“I am willing now to let my suppressed feelings come up to the surface and to discover something new about my self”7x

“I am able to feel now that, all the beauties beheld on my eyes now want, fancy, dour and need me”7x

“Now, I can take the relationship physical by being tactful and acting some form of drama”7x

“Now I understand what women mean by having a laugh and fun. I will teach them new ways”7x

“I am going out there to enjoy my life now”7x

“I do not care about what others think”7x

“Thank you, Lord Stanley Mathew for your words of wisdom and courage to make this happen”3x

The “lord” says; knock and it will get upon. Design your affirmations to suite any particular situation in your life. Pick a special evening, and do this exercise, once in a week in an environment that will allow you to concentrate without noises and disturbances. When you get up from bed in morning, stand before a mirror and smile, laugh to your self. Laughter boosts your immune systems and “psycho-dating-appearances”. Then affirm, self-confidence towards your desire. Let us pray and affirm your success; “I therefore invoke the power of say “be” and it will “be”, I implant unto thee thy wish and desire through the air and winds of nature, I command natural love to reign and live within you, the angels of success, hear my wish and my cry, it is through thee that; I am transferring to my friend here today, that splendour, Virgo, strength and potentials that has no end”. Conclusion of your affirmation; Thank you, Lord-King Stanley Mathew and may your house and content be filled with happiness, love, trust, Diamonds. All your wishes be fulfilled. Diamonds is the only gift I take from customers after satisfactory outcome. However, am I begging for it, am I?

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