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Friday, March 30, 2007



With your starter, you are simply just dowsing to trigger attraction somewhere around or within. In the course of this, if the chemistry is there, you will not need to be told. You will see for yourself how the lady is giggling. However, if she does not seem interested, drop it and continue ahead buddy. In this case, you need something appropriately right, provocative to get her talking but in a subtle manner that will let her off the hook if she is not that interested really. Never mind about awkward silence; the fact is, if she does not move, then, you simply just need to say the right thing and get her fangs out of control. You will be stunned and amaze at how things will change, if you can make her to laugh. Make a specific comment in relation to the venue or occasion. If you are in supermarket, walk up and say; hi, I was to come over and talk to you when I noticed you as you bypassed me, but had to finish what I was about to accomplish, however what’s your name? I am….,then, pause for her to tell you her name. Address her by her name, as you give your views about a particular commodity. But be careful not to weigh in like a debater with your opinion, just float your view point and turn it into a question as a starter of this manner; “is that perfume or body lotion great or what”? She will surely respond to you. Ask her the type she wears and compliment that she smells good if not sweet. This is say, you need to be creative if not poetic, have great charm and this can be built practically into any human being. Believe me buddy; you will be stunned at what you will arrive at. This book will help you to be capricious for the rest of your life.

Act as if you know her from somewhere. Recall a few of the best and exotic place you have been to and walk up to a lady in the room and say; hey, did you attend Harvard university or what ever you like to bluff about. If she says no, pause for a while in disbelief and say; where are you from or are you just from around? Human nature being what it is, she will start asking you places you have been to, the kind of nightclubs and other social gatherings and stuff like that, to try to find out where you may have meet her.

YOU; I do not know if anyone has ever said this to you before but I found something seemingly really exotic about you and pause.

HER; so what do you do?

YOU; Look at me, think because you look smart and make a guess. I bet, if I tell you will not believe.

HER; What? Solicitor or something? Oh no tell me please.

YOU; I practice, celebrity hypnotics and magic.

HER; What’s that?

YOU; You mean my job? I do tell a lot of things just looking into people’s palm, help celebrities to hypnotise the public, gain more firm, then say; let’s have a go at your palm. Hold her hand, gaze into it and say that, “the lines show she is a very interesting person to be but with a hidden side from many men”. Then whisper to her ear, “keep this a secret between I and you because I have discovered you”.

HER; Ahahaha jejejejejejejejje(this mean she is into your game.)

Compliment on her attire including hairstyle but avoid talking about beauty. When you walk up, simply say; hey, nice pair of trousers, while smiling and she will say; thanks you. Then you say; hey babe, I have just met you and you start with thank you compliments? Smile and say; look I am not going home with you, I am not so cheap you know. Alternatively, if you are that in a complete loss of what to say walk up, say hi, you look like a real challenge, or so are we going out or what? And smile while gazing into her eyes and she will start the talking her self. It is that simply buddy. Then say; however, let me ask you a question; my friend and I were arguing about something and finally I came to the conclusion that, we do need a female’s perspective. My friend said, when a man meets a lady he will like to make friends with, he should request for her telephone number and I was of the opinion that, men should take emails instead of telephone numbers if not both, and my reason being that; it is really hard to reach people nowadays by phone and with email, you have enough time to put together all your poor might together until you become familiar with one another and stuff like that. But do you really think that men really know what women want?

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