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Friday, March 30, 2007

Sundays Jokes for fun and laughter

These jokes may be stopped only death. Therefore I will be updating them on a weekly basis. Jokes are meant to boost our ergo as humans and thus we owe to laugh and share good vibes.

1. Dr.Livingstone went to Cameroon during the dark ages. Roads were being dogged under his care. When he was about to go home, he said “Guys, I have decided to keep my eye watching all of you while I go home but anyone of that gets up to rest. I am coming to skin you. So he kept his eyeglasses and for more than 6hrs,not a single person could talk or get up to relax. (Reality).
2. You know why God is a man? Because if God was a woman she would make sperms to taste like chocolates that is why you see Africans in chocolate colour. Africans are a symbol of God.
3. An elderly widower and a widow had been dating for three years. Finally he asked her to marry him and she said “yes” without any waste of time like she’d been waiting. But when he got up from bed, the next morning, he could not recall what her answer was and in desperation, he decided to call her. He began by saying, “Darling this is going to be embarrassing you gotta accept we are getting old, but when I asked to marry me last night, well yesterday but I got up from bed and could remember what your answer was. “Oh, that is good you called she said but I do remember saying “yes” to marry someone but I don’t know if it was you or the next man. You know it is not good to put all your eggs in one basket especially at my age.”

4. An 18year old girl kept saying she wanted Mr. Right. Well then, she hooked up with James and later on decided to marry. Eventually within 3months of hooking up they got married. But the following day, the bride decided it was time for divorce and went for a divorce lawyer. The lawyer asked him “What’s gone wrong?” “You have only been married less than 24hrs”. She replied, well I could tell things were not right when he kissed my friend so passionately before we entered the court, then in the court, he signed his name with bigger letters than mine. So that is it she said.

5. Lauren came back from school and to realize that Her dad was in bed with their housemaid. Lauren’s mother arrives home an hour later the incident and Lauren rushed to gossip to mum what had transpired. Mum, Mum, I saw something nice today. What did you see Lauren, requested her mum. Mum, you won’t believe it. “When I return from school, I found dad and our maid on the bed, naked and were…………….”Mum then interrupted immediately saying, “Lauren wait till dinner time tonight and she starts to serve food, I’ll pucker and then you can tell the story. 7.30pm the maid is serving meal and Lauren’s mum puckered before she had finished and she took the hint and started “Mum when I got home from school today, I found dad on the bed with our maid and they were doing the same you was doing with Uncle When Dad went to USA.

6. Lauren is 6yrs however. The following day, Her mum is in the kitchen with her friends while Lauren is playing with her mates Peter, Paul, Andrew and Stanley. Lauren rushed to kitchen and asked her mum “Mum can a 6yr old become pregnant”? Her mum replied, “Shut up and go out and play with your friends”. But she insisted saying she wanted to know and mum told her a six year cannot become pregnant. Lauren said, “great and as she rushed to her friends, neighbors could he saying, ”Hey guys come here now all of you but this time I want Peter to start first, then when he is tired, then Paul, then After is Andrew and Lastly is Stanley as mum has just told me, a 6yr old girl cannot become pregnant.

7. Make a contribution if you can. However more will be coming up every time.

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